Lakes and Rivers to check out near Boise and the Treasure Valley

While Idaho is a landlocked state, it actually has more miles of river than any other state in the country! All over the beautiful state are gorgeous bodies of water that are great for tons of different activities! Even in the Boise area, which far more “city” than any other part of the state has a variety of great options to visit when it comes to rivers and lakes. You will soon come to find that some of your very favorite water-related activities can be enjoyed right in the glorious Treasure Valley area!

Boise River goes right through the Gem State’s capital city, and it is one of the best bodies of water in that you could ever want to have access to in such a big city! While the Greenbelt along the Boise River is a wonderful park in and of itself ideal to go for a hike or to enjoy nature, one of the best ways to experience the Boise River is on a raft or a tube, floating down a peaceful stretch of river in luxury! One of your very best options for a nice day of gliding down the river is to make a trip to Barber Park, and bring your own rafts or rent some at the park from their convenient rental service! The stretch that starts at Barber Park and ends at Ann Morrison Park is the longest float available on the River, lasting about 2-3 hours on a 6-mile stretch of water. Besides a rental service, there are so many other conveniences available to you, including an air station to fill your rafts and tubes if you brought your own, and best of all, a shuttle service to bring you from Ann Morrison Park back to your Barber Park, so you don’t need to worry about getting a ride back to your vehicle! While you are spending time at the Boise River, you may also want to take a few hours to go fishing, as the River offers some of the best fishing in the city. It is a great place to catch a lot of different game fish, including both largemouth and smallmouth bass, several different kinds of trout including rainbow and brown trout, salmon, steelhead, and catfish! Be sure to check first to ensure that the rafting season has begun.

Along the Boise River, when you go a little south of the city, you will find Lucky Peak Reservoir. The Reservoir itself is a peaceful part of the Boise River, and at the north part is the Lucky Peak Reservoir State Park, which has a beach and is an excellent spot for those wanting to go for a swim. The southern part of the reservoir, the Lucky Peak Dam Recreation Area, also has a great beach as well as picnic tables and a ramp if you want to take a boat out onto the water! This spot is such a beauty to look at, and it is one of the best places to go to enjoy a peaceful day on the water!

Two creeks in Boise come together at the edge of the Boise National Forest, those being Mores Creek and Robie Creek. This is where you will find Robie Creek Park, an excellent spot to go camping or to enjoy a serene picnic next to these beautiful bodies of water. The Park is very popular as a day use area, as it has 6 excellent shade shelters as well as a large group shelter to use for a visually pleasing picnic party (each of which has a grill, with the group shelter having two). After your picnic, have a great time on the water with the boat launch area conveniently located launch area close by or have a fun time in the swimming area sectioned off with buoys. There is even a playground there for the younger guests at the picnic! With great hiking trails as well, it’s the ideal place to make summer memories along the water!

Another excellent commodity commonly found in the Gem State is a natural hot spring, and the Boise area is no exception! There are several awesome hot springs a bit farther out of the Treasure Valley, including the widely popular Kirkham Hot Springs located in the Kirkham Campground. If you have yet to be camping next to a natural hot spring, you have got to give it a try! You are in for a real treat! Whether you decide to go camping on this wonderful campground or not though, you at least should check out the hot springs. Inside of the campground, if you follow a trail to the river’s edge, is where you will find the soaking pools. Take a relaxing break from the world and just enjoy the luxury of spending time in the wonderfully warm natural pool!

Right next to the hot springs is the South Fork Payette River, one of the most popular locations for trout fishing in the whole state of Idaho. In addition to that, this part of the river is a great place to go whitewater rafting or kayaking! If you want to really have a great day in Kirkham Campground, go kayak or raft your heart out and when you are tired, take a rest in the hot springs! It is an adventure you are unlikely to forget! If you plan ahead, you may even be able to have an awesome guided whitewater rafting tour! 

These are just a few of the many bodies of water that dot the Treasure Valley! As you can see, there is a wide variety of lakes and rivers and in the kind of activities, you can do. Whether you want to consider spending a gorgeous afternoon fishing, a couple of days on an adventurous campout along the beautiful natural waters, take a peaceful and fun rafting trip down the river, have a thrilling boat ride on the waves, take a luxurious soak in one of the state’s many hot springs, or even just go for a swim, the large amount of water in Idaho really does offer endless possibilities! 



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