Lake Pend Oreille: Submarine Testing in Idaho

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Crisp fall days spent bundled up in a boat on the water, line cast out, just waiting to feel the slight tug at the line indicating a fish has taken the bait. Every time the line is reeled in to reveal a kokanee salmon, or a kamloops, rainbow, brown, or brook trout at the other end, a new memory is made, and another smile lights up another face. There is the possibility of summer jaunts to Northern Idaho to spend time playing in the water and laying out as the warm sun cascades down over the 5th deepest lake in the United States. The water is clean and deep, the shoreline is vast, and there is plenty of room to fill days upon end with activities for everyone. In Idaho, real estate is not all about houses sold, it is also about sharing the experience of living in this unique place.

Submarine Testing in Idaho


Lake Pend Oreille, pronounced pond-or-ay, has a multitude of characteristics that come together and make it one of the most interesting lakes in the nation. Deeper than Loch Ness, it was formed by glaciers and has a consistent depth and a flat, muddy bottom. Pend Oreille boasts something that not many places can boast, through the years it has become a home to the Navy for submarine experiments and testing that started in World War Two, and has continued on. The fact that a lake in the state of Idaho is being used for submarine testing is a pretty shocking piece of trivia to many people, mostly because of the fact that it is a landlocked state. Not many would expect to see submarines out in the water, but Pend Oreille allows for scale experiments to be done by the navy because it simulates perfectly the conditions of the ocean. A combination of size, depth, temperature, and the shape of the lake bed make these simulations possible.

Pend Oreille's Stats and Recreational Opportunities

Submarine tests are not the only thing that make Lake Pend Oreille stand out. This lake is also the largest lake in Idaho, the 8th largest lake in the country by volume, and the 40th largest lake in the country by surface area. It is clear that this lake's size makes it spectacular. There is enough space on this lake for people to take advantage of it in every possible way all at the same time. At any given moment, there are recreationalists enjoying fishing, water skiing, canoeing, and various other activities. The lake itself is full of beauty to enjoy, and the surrounding mountains and trees add to the scenery in a breathtaking way. Idaho's scenic views are one of the things that contributes to the number of houses sold here.

Idaho is a unique place to live with many hidden secrets such as Lake Pend Oreille. There are reasons why every year there are houses sold all over the state to people seeking all kinds of different lifestyles and adventures. There are many different things that contribute to the number of houses sold in different states and cities, everyone is looking for that one special thing that pulls them in. In Idaho, we have many such things. Lake Pend Oreille, with its submarine tests and amazing recreational opportunities, is just one. For more information about living in Idaho, contact one of our agents today!

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