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It costs a lot of money to move into a house and considering all the money you’ll need to put down in order to buy the house itself, tips for saving money in any way you can throughout this whole process may help.

People often don’t realize how much money they will likely spend during the home-buying process, so preparing ahead of time and educating yourself on the mistakes others make that leave holes in their wallets, you can find success and save serious cash. Learn about the following tips and tricks to save money when thinking of buying a home (and remember, it’s never too early to start preparing):

*Start planning (and saving) as soon as you can. The further in advance you begin saving money, the better off you’ll be. When paying for


Having an open house is a great way to interest possible clients in the home that you are selling. Open houses are a way to show them the inside of the home, the amenities it comes with, and give them a chance to imagine what it would be like for them to live in that home.

How to choose a time for an open house -- Most people choose weekends where you and prospective buyers usually have more time. Have your open house a few times, at the same times within the month, so people can make plans to attend. For example, have your open house Sunday from 3 pm - 6 pm, for the month of April. So people who are thinking about visiting your home can come view it for the first time, or the second, or third time, to make a decision.

Advertising --



“For Sale by Owner” is a phrase that a lot of us know of, but don’t really know about. When a house is “For Sale by Owner,” also known as FSBO, what does it really mean? Looking at it simply, it means that the house isn’t listed with an agent and that it is being sold and shown by the owner of the house. So, in a FSBO situation, the owner is the agent. There are costs and benefits to this route of selling your house, though it really just depends on each individual basis. When a FSBO situation is done the right way, it can save a lot of money, but when it’s done the wrong way, it can be a long, difficult, strenuous path to nowhere.

If you are thinking about selling your house the FSBO way, be sure to think things through and consider all the



Searching for the right home can be quite a challenge. Depending on the housing market, homes with certain feature may go quickly - some are even sold within a week of listing. After many hours of searching and touring homes, finding the ideal home can feel like a miracle. What is there to do when many others are also vying for the same property? Well, luckily there are many ways to push an offer past the others and into the hands of the seller as a winning bid.

Prior to making an offer, it is a good idea to talk to the bank or mortgaging company to get pre-approved. The best time to do this is prior to placing an offer on the ideal home. That will allow the lender time to research and approve which can cut down on the time it may take to be



So you’ve finally found the ideal place to call home. It’s gorgeous, the right size, and the right price. All the closing paperwork is finished up and you’ve even begun the arduous process that is bringing all of your furniture and boxes to your new place. Chances are you will need a mini break every once in awhile. You likely don’t want to rest for too long because there is always more to be done and you’d like to be settled in sooner rather than later. Plus, every break seems to get longer and it always gets harder to pick yourself back up and get back to the heavy lifting. Why not make a list of small tasks that you can complete during breaks that allow for furthered productivity, but also provide some space from toting boxes up and down



Deciding to move can be a bit stressful, especially if you are deciding to get a home that is radically different from the one you are used to. Most of us know single-family units pretty well, but an option that many people overlook are multifamily units. The most common multi-family units would have to be duplex, the townhouse, the apartment complex, and the condominium. Now, to many, these may seem to be the same thing, but there are some subtle differences between them all that can have radical effects on your way of life if you choose to buy one. So, what makes one different from another?

Multi-family unit #1: Duplexes

One of the more popular multi-family units here in the Treasure Valley would have to be the duplex. Duplexes are houses




Welcome back to part two of our series on transitioning from apartments to houses. Here we will show you what to look out for and what things to expect when it comes to buying a home, at least what makes it different from renting that is. Last article we talked about dealing HOAs (Homeowners Associations), buying appliances, finances, and the size of a house versus the size of an apartment. Today we are going to cover a few more things that will help to get you ready for homeownership. When you can, never go into something this big without doing research. There are lots of things you need to know before you can be a homeowner. Many laws and conditions that apply to you that didn’t apply to you as a renter. Again, this is not an all-inclusive



We all want our homes to pass their inspections when home inspectors come over to check things out. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when you have to go over everything you need to do for an inspection. What do home inspectors look at when they go over the details of your home during an inspection? Well, it’s simple, really: they go over everything. They look at your house from the inside out.

They look for flaws in the interior of your home.

The inside of your home is looked at thoroughly. The inspector makes sure everything is examined; they will check the doors in your home, the stairs, the railings along your staircase(s), windows/window sills, cupboards, and anywhere else they feel the need to check. In order to keep on top of



Many home buyers hit the market with a specific type of home in mind. There are many choices out there at any given time, and a good portion of homes available at lower price points are older homes that need a bit of care and attention. These fixer-uppers have become increasingly popular due to a spike in home improvement shows and shows that portray the challenge that can be flipping a home for a profit. While there are certainly great aspects to each of these options, there can also be drawbacks- especially for those who are looking to buy without much experience in home renovation. Older homes have a set of concerns to look at which inexperienced buyer ought to consider. These are not always deal breakers, but knowing the secrets of a home



Electricity and natural gas, the two giants of the home heating and cooking world; but which one is better for your home? That is the question that a lot of people seem to be asking themselves. Whether a person is planning on building a new home or are just considering remodeling their current home the decision of what kind of heating and cooking system you will have is an important one. There are many pros and cons to both of these things making the discussion a bit heated, pun intended. Our goal today though is to help inform those who are looking to replace their current system or are thinking about installing one in their new construction home. We don’t plan to fan the flames at all, we just hope to educate and inform. We do not advocate one