It's Another A+ for Boise's Small Business Sector

Boise Downtown

In a survey performed by in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, Boise, Idaho received a network of A+'s and A-'s in their second annual Small Business Survey. Boise received top rankings in all categories, including:

  • Overall friendliness
  • Ease of starting a business
  • Ease of hiring
  • Regulations
  • Health & safety
  • Employment, labor & hiring
  • Tax code
  • Licensing
  • Environmental
  • Zoning
  • Training & networking programs

The Small Business Survey looks at small businesses nationwide in an effort to learn what small businesses believe makes a healthy political and regulatory atmosphere. They are asked to rate how it is they do business in their specific location along various metrics.

Boise, Idaho was the top recipient of this survey last year.

Small Business Meeting

Indeed, small businesses are crucial to the health of America, with over 99% of U.S. employer firms qualifying as small businesses (the usual definition is businesses with fewer than 500 employees). The initial release of the Small Business Survey helped solidify thumbtak's belief of how important the viewpoints and economic health of small businesses are to Americans with the broad media and political attention the survey received.

According to the company, the past two decades have shown almost two-thirds of net private sector jobs coming from small businesses, with an accelerating number in recent years. Long term growth in the United States stems from the success of new businesses. The Great Recession has encouraged larger than usual start up activity from those who are unemployed or underemployed to start their own businesses. strives to understand this part of the economy, and in so doing, the “role for well-designed corrective policies that help entrepreneurs start and grow dynamic young firms that in turn boost overall net job creation.”  When looking for a friendly place to live and work check out Boise, Idaho.'s Small Business Survey is unlike other surveys out there. They obtain data from an extensive, nationwide universe of job creators and entrepreneurs to determine the best places to start and maintain business. There are several rankings out there that cite certain areas as good or bad for business, but none of them use considerable data from small business owners themselves.

Boise, Idaho has ranked highly on these other publications as well.

Sander Daniels, co-founder of, said, “in surveying thousands of small businesses across America, we found that clear and consistent regulations and relevant training programs are among the most important things a state can provide. Idaho's consistent attention to these factors allows the state to provide an environment in which businesses can succeed – making it no surprise that the state earned an 'A+' again this year.”


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