It's a Deer, it's an Elk, IT'S A CARIBOU! The Caribou National Forest

Some Clouds Over Idaho's LandscapeFor individuals considering the purchase of Boise real estate, there are numerous attractions, activities, and beautiful natural sights that should be evaluated. The benefits to owning property in Idaho are many. From the plentiful veins of beautiful gemstones that make Idaho the "Gem State", to the wide variety of natural canyons and gorgeous landscape, Idaho real estate is a prime area for investors and potential residents alike. One of the most notable attractions located in Idaho is the Caribou National Forest.

Contrary to popular belief, the Caribou National Forest was not actually named for the massive deer "caribou". It's name actually came from a famous gold miner- Cariboo Jack (Jesse Fairchild). In 1870, Cariboo Jack and two of his friends painstakingly discovered the first gold at what is now know as Caribou Mountain. Cariboo Jack was also a well known tall tales specialist, spreading tales about the countryside feverishly throughout his years.

The Caribou National Forest is located in the southeastern portion of Idaho, and occupies approximately one million acres. It covers portions of eight counties, six in Idaho, and two more in Wyoming and Utah. With more than 8,100 acres of lakes and reservoirs, and about 250 miles of streams, the beauty is breathtaking.

The Forest boasts numerous massive mountain ranges that were created thousands of years ago, and support a variety of natural resources including gold and phosphate. There are numerous mining operations currently in process still today. Although it is suspected that oil and gas deposits reside here as well, none have been discovered to date. Exploration of the area is continuously active, however.

A Beautiful Waterfall in One of Idaho's ForestVisitors of the Caribou National Forest will notice a number of waterfalls that cascade throughout the area. Many of these crystal clear attractions support various tubing activities and abundant trout fishing. In addition, the hiking opportunities are plentiful, and visitors can explore the area freely, discovering the natural beauty that is offered by the mountains, beaches and caves. Wildlife roam free as well, including black bears and grizzly bears.

The Caribou National Forest also offers a wide variety of camping facilities. Many visitors enjoy a more structured camping experience with RV facilities, while others prefer a more traditional camping experience with the use of tents. For those who prefer a few more comforts of home, there are cabins located within the forest.

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