Its a Bird, Its a Flying Squirrel, No.... Its a Para-glider!

Floating Like a FeatherWhen looking to move to Idaho, many individuals wonder if there is more to do than hiking, fishing, or mountain biking. In fact, for adventurous (or curious) individuals, Boise has wonderful sites for paragliding. Remember, paragliding should never be done alone, and, for the inexperienced, the best way to have fun is to go with a certified instructor or professional. But for those who are ready to, or are experienced with paragliding, here are the top three spots around Boise for adventure.
#1 – 8th Street
This spot is so named due to the fact that one must take 8th Street in Boise to get to the destination. Heading North on 8th Street, the road will eventually turn to dirt. Park off to the side after going past the last set of power lines. The take off point is a grassy area located at GPS coordinates 43°40'6" (43.6685)N; 116°5'45" (116.096)W. The landing site is a dirt road across the canyon at GPS coordinates 43°40'5" (43.6683)N; 116°7'22" (116.123)W.
#2 – Bogus Basin
This spot is considered to be an area for those experienced in paragliding. To get there from Boise, take Harrison Boulevard, which turns into Bogus Basin Road. There is a ski lodge there where one can park, with a hike to the take off point. The take off point is surrounded by small pine trees at GPS coordinates 43°46'24" (43.7735)N; 116°5'41" (116.095)W. The landing site is a grassy area between two chair lifts and trees, with a cable railing and posts that separate the landing zone from the lodge's parking lot. The GPS coordinates for the landing site are 43°45'50" (43.764)N; 116°6'10" (116.103)W.
#3 – Squaw
One of the advantages to this area is that there are several take off and landing points to accommodate wind changes. To get there from Boise, go through Emmett and head North off of Washington Road, which becomes North Van Duessen Road. Take a right onto Butte Road, which heads directly to the launch areas. 


The GPS coordinates for the Southeast launch are 44° 0'17.95'N 116°24'33.16'W; for the West launch, they are 44° 0'18.32'N, 116°24'45.05'W. Other paragliders warn to watch the lines around the sharp basalt rocks. The landing site for the Southeast is near Butte Road at GPS coordinates 43°59'10.61'N, 116°22'34.36'W. The West landing zone is on a dirt road near a cinder block storage building, and paragliders are warned to avoid the hillside due to many boulders that could trip the landing. The GPS coordinates for the West landing zone are 43°59'52.31'N, 116°26'30.76'W.
In Boise, adventurous individuals can find a great balance between “getting away from it all” and an active city life.

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