It Makes Good Financial Sense to Buy a Home


Buying a house has in some ways become less trendy in recent years.  The American Dream of Home Ownership is thought by some to not be in the future for the common American.  However, the average Idaho home is cheaper than the national average, and with all that Idaho has to offer, they are quite reasonable.  With proper planning, buying a house in Idaho can be a great benefit to your finances--more than just having attractive shelter, it can be one of the best investments in your portfolio.  Here’s why:


If you compared thetaxes you pay while renting a house or apartment to what you would pay if you bought a house in Idaho, there is a huge difference.  It can add up to thousands of dollars of savings a year.  The government has programs to help Americans get into houses, and the tax break through deductions of real estate tax and mortgage interest is one of the best.


The rent that youpay in an apartment goes to a landlord’s bank account.  The mortgage payments that you make on your house go to equity (what you've paid on the house).  This  can be taken with you to a new house or borrowed against.  Some of what you pay goes to interest, but home rates are currently very low.  Over the years, paying off your house before retiring greatly lowers your expenses and usually at a critical time for saving money, which isn't  possible by renting.


interior_master_bedroom_sm_300_03Simply put, there isn'ta better safe investment that you can bank on appreciating.  Also, you can sleep in this investment.  If you make a smart choice when you buy a house in Idaho, your home can appreciate very well.  Additionally, there are measures you can take to help your home appreciate also.


You can do a lot more with a house you own than you can with one you rent.  The best places to live in a community are usually not apartments, but homes--not only can you can find a nicer place, but it’s yours.  This is an especially good idea now as the high demand for rentals has made their prices rise considerably.  Buying a house in Idaho gives you the flexibility of renting it if you wanted to.  There are a variety of other possibilities such as: growing food or having a business from home, which you could not do with an apartment.

With all these benefits, there is no reason not to buy a home.  There are many homes in today’s Boise market for under $100,000.  Finding a house a bit away from more prime real estate, almost every person can afford a home--and, of course, the more houses in Idaho you can buy, the more it can return for you.  Your Realtor can explain how buying a house would be beneficial for you personally and help you find a house in Idaho that meets your needs.  Begin searching the housing listings today, and choose a Realtor to assist you!

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