Is That A Garage You Have There Or A Storage Unit?

What's in Your Garage?It seems like in most communities you'll find that people use their garage more like a storage unit rather than a place to park their car. Amongst all that stuff that is filling your garage, you could probably find a lot of useful things but the chances of finding something when you actually need it are slim to none. With all those toys, tools, parts, and pieces your garage turns in to a wild beast that almost is impossible to tame. Your are not alone in your struggle though, you'll find similar situations all across Idaho and even the nation. Don't fret, start with just a little bit at a time, use these tips and see your garage transform back to its new self.

6 Ideas to "Tame Your Beast"
1. Sort through what is in the garage
Most of the clutter in a garage has been removed from the rest of the house and just not gotten rid of. So to start, sort through what is in the garage. Make piles for things to be trashed, things to be get rid of and things that are still useful. The smallest pile should be stuff to keep.

2. Plan how to organize the garage
Once you know what needs to be properly stored in the garage, a plan for how to organize the garage can be made. Think about what big items need to be stored. Make sure that any shelving is large and strong enough for bulky and heavy items.

3. Give each item its own place
Group items with similar uses together. This will make it easier to know where to put things back away. Place items that are seasonal or infrequently used in harder to reach places. While items used often should be placed in more assessable locations.

4. Use shelves and wall mounts to keep the floor space empty
Place items along the walls to leave the floor space empty for storing cars. Tall, sturdy shelves can be used for boxes. Tools and other items can be stored with wall mounts. Peg board is handy to mount lots of items along walls.

5. Hang larger items from the ceiling
Is It Going To BurstMechanisms to mount ceiling shelves and larger items like bikes are useful. Especially with seasonal items ceiling shelves increase storage ability while leaving the floor for cars below. The mounting mechanisms allow for ease in getting these items back down easily when needed.

6. Stay on top of keeping things organized
Once all the hard work has been been done, make sure to put items away, get rid of things instead of having them collect again in the garage. If necessary plan a time every three to six months to sort through the garage and get rid of new clutter. A great thing to do if you live in Meridian or Boise would be to sell all of your unwanted things in the annual garage sales.
These tips will help keep a garage useful, and improve any home.

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