Internet Marketing in Idaho- Is Your Agent up to Speed?

boise-home-39_400Do you want to sell your home quickly and easily? If you do, you’ll want to make sure you have a real estate agent who is up to speed on internet marketing. Anybody interested in selling Idaho real estate regardless of whether its a Boise home, an acreage property in Kuna or brand new homes in Nampa will gain critical market exposure with an effective internet campaign. Luckily, there are three easy ways to spot an agent who is up to speed in their internet programs.

#1 - They Know How to Attract Buyers

A good internet agent knows what the right keywords are that attract home buyers in a simple internet search. They use special, keyword-laden content on their site and in their blog (see #3), and their website has a clean, professional look.
Sloppy sites that are disorganized and difficult to navigate will not attract buyers. Steer clear of sites with gross misspellings and grammatical errors, and those with sloppy graphics that are difficult to view. An agent who is up to speed has a smooth looking website that’s simple to search for homes. Check out this example of a well orgainzed search page: Boise idaho real estate. Notice how homes can be viewed easily by price range and that each house has a variety of photos so that a site visitor can get a very good feel for the home.

#2 - He or She Offers RSS or Email Alerts for Buyers

A good internet agent knows that most buyers don’t have time to search endlessly for their ideal home. Therefore, when a visitor comes to the site, he or she should be able to sign up for RSS or email alerts that will send homes to the potential buyer that match his or her criteria. This way, your home will practically sell itself to an interested party while your internet agent handles all the details — including answering questions and fielding bids for your home.

#3 - He or She Maintains a Blog

Internet-driven marketing in real estate is more effective when complemented by a regularly-maintained blog which is often very helpful to both buyers and sellers of real estate. The blogs that are among the best have the following criteria:

  • They’re updated at least once per week.
  • They are organized for easy searching by interested buyers and sellers.
  • They explain complex real estate issues and jargon in plain language, and do not attempt to confuse the buyer.
  • They are informational, and not constantly pitching sales of services. A little of that is good, but too much can be a turn off for buyers and sellers.

Blogs don’t have to be 100% perfect, but they should look professional and be helpful to the public.
These three signs are the best way to tell if your real estate agent is up to speed on using the internet for marketing your home. Find an agent who knows the right keywords to attract buyers to their site, gives buyers a regular list of email or RSS alerts, and maintains a reliable, well-written blog full of useful information for both buyers and sellers. Internet-driven marketing is the only way to go these days when it comes to either selling Idaho homes or finding that perfect new Idaho house.

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