Internal Aesthetics for a Home in Boise

Boise house interiorWhether you're looking to buy or sell a home in Boise, there are some things that you and your buyer/seller will have in common. One of those things is a concern over internal aesthetics for your home in Boise.

There are some things about the inside of a home that will be easy to change, and others will be far more impractical or expensive. If you're a buyer, take this guide as things that are reasonable to ask for and things that are a bit much for you to undertake as part of the housing transaction. If you're a seller, take this guide as things that will be easy and reasonable for you to offer the seller, and things that are enough to mean you should either come down in price or upgrade prior to putting your house on the market.


Internal Aesthetics - Easy

There are five basic things that are easy for sellers to do when offering a home, but these things are also easy for the buyers to do. Therefore, if they've already been done, the home value should increase. If they haven't, the buyer can ask for a slightly lower price.

  1. Update light fixtures throughout the house.
  2. Repaint in neutral colors.
  3. Refinish hardwood floors
  4. Replace carpet with hardwood floors.
  5. Replace linoleum floors with tile.
  6. Upgrade the kitchen with a simple backsplash.

These five items are relatively inexpensive, can be accomplished without professional assistance, and add a great deal of value to the home.

Internal Aesthetics - Difficult

These five items are costly to add to a home, and will always require the assistance of certified professionals. Buyers look for these five things in a home often, so if you're selling a home in Boise, you may want to do some of these things prior to putting your house on the market.

  1. Upgrade or add central air conditioning for the scorching Boise summers.
  2. Refinish kitchen cabinets or replace kitchen cabinets (while you may not need a professional to help you, cabinetry can be very expensive to replace).
  3. Adding or upgrading a fireplace for those frigid Boise winters.
  4. One or two-car garages (very difficult to add on).
  5. Window replacements with energy-efficient models.

These five additions will require time, money, and/or professional assistance.

So if you're buying or selling a home, consider what it is worth to you to either have to replace these things yourself, or ask the seller to do it. If you're a buyer, try to have as many of these things ready or changed so that you can increase the value of your home and ask for a greater selling price. This way, everyone wins.

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