Independent School District of the City of Boise

Les Bois Junior HighGeneral Information
The Boise Idaho School District, is officially known as the Independent School District of Boise City.  For in-depth information about the school district, see their website.  To briefly overview, the Boise School Distrcit is the second largest school district in the state after the Meridian School District.  The school district serves 25,000 students in just under 50 schools.

The high schools offer 12 athletic programs.  The high schools also offer a handful of athletic activities, including lacrosse, ice hockey, skiing, and swimming.

In addition to athletics, the Boise District offers cheerleading, speech, dance, and orchestra.  

The Boise District provides bus transportation to all students who live within 1.5 miles of their nearest appropriate schools.  See the transportation page on the Boise District web site for more information.

The Schools
The Boise District consists of 31 elementary schools, 8 junior high schools, and 6 high schools.  Four of the high schools are traditional and two are alternative.  The district also has two joint district facilities, Dennis Technical Education Center and Treasury Valley Mathematics & Science Center, as well as a language academy and an early childhood center.
Boise High School 
Faculty and Staff
The district has 1,700 certified teachers and 1,200 non-certified staff members.

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