Idaho's Wonderful Seasonal Weather


          The weather Idaho experiences throughout the year is a superb complement to how beautiful the state truly is. Each of the four seasons delightfully enhances Idaho as the transitions have a way of accenting the already intriguing landscapes across the state. Idaho stretches across around 83,869 square miles, making for quite a spectacular array of changes throughout the year. Of course, the higher elevations are going to experience colder weather than the rest of the lower elevations. Depending on where you find the most enjoyment will largely determine the activities available year-round. Though that’s just it, there’s so much to choose from when it comes to Idaho’s terrain, the choice is yours on where you’ll go next to find the most enjoyment and what activities are included in those areas. Due to Idaho’s vast topography, there are endless happenings across the state and many in the spirit of each of the seasonal transitions. What seasons are going to best compliment your preferred activities? Have you taken a moment to consider the possibilities of new adventures?

          The much-anticipated joys that come from the excitement as spring arrives for some might include heading outdoors for gardening and landscaping, delighting in afternoons on the patio, or dining outdoors. Spring has a way of inspiring swarms of people to get out of their homes and into the greatness of the refreshing spring air. With temperatures running around 55°F for the average high in March and lows running around 34°F, the excitement of warmer weather can be felt throughout the communities. The sun is a magnet for people that enjoy hitting the trails, waterfall hunting, golfing, outdoor exercises, birding, bicycling, baseball, and taking in comforts of the warmth of the sun. This is the time of year that countless residents take pleasure in opening windows and freshening up their homes as well as taking to the outdoors to renew their landscaping with an array of plants, flowers, and vegetation that will grow and inspire throughout the year.

          In the month of April, Idaho's temperatures run around 62°F for the highs and 39°F for the lows. There are countless ways to enjoy each of the four seasons that Idaho beholds. The various seasonal transitions, therefore, create an atmosphere that is complemented by creativity, with residents across the state considering the very activities that they enjoy partaking in the most. Find temperatures incrementally rising across the spring months. The month of May, Idaho averages with high temperatures ranging around 72°F for the highs and 47°F for the lows. There are, of course, many more recreational activities and hobbies that may be enjoyed during this season and throughout the year. Whatever activities you enjoy most, there is undoubtedly something to do in Idaho that will keep you enjoying all that this area has to offer.

          Enjoying the perks of each of the four seasons leaves little to no room for the uninspiredness of life without change. During the summer months, Idaho weather temperatures average around 81°F for a high in June, and lows run around 54°F. Idaho’s July temperatures can get a bit warmer, reaching highs of about 91°F and lows in the range of 60°F. Temperatures at those levels have a way of making for abundant outdoor activity opportunities, ideal for enjoying hours of fun in the sun. Perhaps for many, it’s the planning of summer vacations, events, road trips, outdoor sports, water activities, weekend adventuring, fairs, area exploration, zip-lining, getting out to the OHV trails, crossing skydiving off the bucket list, backpacking far beyond the original goal, taking delight in nature journeys, or firing up the BBQ. Simply because the sun is out doesn’t necessarily mean that the pace of living speeds up as a result. What is more interesting is that the pace of living in Idaho is considerably slower than the surrounding states, for the many who choose to embrace it. The environment encourages a more relaxed atmosphere while accomplishing great feats and consistently topping the charts as one of the best places to live. Idaho also inspires and offers precisely the opposite for others that may be searching for their next challenge. That may look like a day overcoming the whitewater of the Salmon River, breaking a world record, or going somewhere they never thought possible. For others, it’s filling the calendar with new things to do, like exploring downtown shops, eateries, music venues, art galleries, parks, aquariums, zoos, and museums. Another outdoor activity that becomes very popular during the warmer months is camping, as the weather warms the cool night air and the starry night’s sky is an attractive incentive for many. Lakes and river waters also are a highly sought after destination among those who enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, swimming, boating, river rafting, and taking in the surroundings. Find sand seekers gravitating to the dunes for the delight that comes from sandboarding, tobogganing down the sandy slopes, and the various other creative methods for getting from the top of the dunes to the bottom.

          Idaho weather is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the vibrant colors that come about as fall approaches, leaving many awestruck by the remarkable scenery that adorns Idaho’s land. Fall is a time where outdoor activities take the spotlight with opportunities for participating or taking in a good game of soccer, football, basketball, heading outdoors for some hunting, camping to enjoy the evening star gazing, and filling the daylight hours with an abundance of seasonal decorating. What do you enjoy most about fall? Many enjoy considering new activities like bicycling, trekking the mountains, urban exploration, checking out the local art galleries and museums, delighting in downtown shops and boutiques, and participating in community events. The fall season brings about the delightful aroma of autumn leaves as a hint of smoke fills the air from area fireplaces in the evenings. Bundling up and enjoying the delights of a warm cup of fresh apple cider or hot cocoa, a slice of apple or pumpkin pie, a campfire, or the many wonderful occasions of fall is another reason why Idaho is the place to be for all seasons. Fall weather brings about temperatures that range from highs around 79°F in September and lows dipping roughly into the lows of 51°F.

          Winter is a time of year that you’ll find many participating in activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tobogganing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and horse-drawn carriage rides through the wintry landscapes. When winter brings snow, driving around the city, one is likely to come across the occasional snow-man or the closest version thereof, as well as the many decorations that complement the snowy season. When the wintry snow does make its way to Idaho, there is a stillness that may be found in the air and a calmness that it creates across the region. The silence is delightfully broken by the sounds of those out enjoying the seasonal activities and fun that comes along with having some snow on the ground. Taking to the outdoors in the winter might mean enjoying photography opportunities, or possibly head indoors for some go-kart racing, indoor sports, and evenings by a cozy fireplace. Maybe it’s your favorite time of year to head out and try new foods, watching the latest releases at the movies, or simply enjoying the warmth and coziness or home. Winter weather temperatures in December average a high of close to 38°F and 24°F for the lows.

          Year-round, many take up new activities in Idaho, and continue the ones they enjoy most including participating in cultural events, baking and cooking, dancing and music, household projects and renovating, wine and cheese tasting, decorating their homes, arts and crafts, collecting, reading and writing, entertaining and event hosting to name a few. There is so much to do and be found in Idaho to keep for a lifetime of entertainment and joyous activities that leave many with memories that last. Just imagine, there is so much to do in Idaho that will keep you busy enjoying the pleasures of the very things you enjoy most about each and every day.


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