Idaho's Very Own River Gorge, Hell's Canyon

The Wonderful Landscape of IdahoIdaho is a place of beauty and prime real estate. Whether you are coming to the state for the local scenery or coming to live, you are sure to find what you are looking for here. 

Idaho Real Estate
Investing in Boise real estate can be one of the most life changing events in an individuals lifetime. With the purchase of property in Idaho, residents and investors both can begin to experience a relaxing and peaceful way to enjoy the natural beauty offered by this state. Idaho is ranked as having the second lowest cost of living out of the eleven western states, so investing in one of the many homes for sale in Idaho doesn't have to break the bank. The crime rate is listed as being approximately 21% lower than that of the national average as well, making the purchase of an Idaho property a much more friendly choice where safety is involved.

Idaho Scenery
In addition to the practical factors involved with the purchase of a home in Idaho, there are many other benefits as well. From the natural beauty this wonderful state offers, to the multitude of activities that are available, there is something for everyone in Idaho. The state offers a number of national forests, Indian reservations, mountain ranges, canyons and caves, in addition to the more modern types of recreational facilities. One of the more famous attractions in Idaho is Hells Canyon.

The Snake River in IdahoHells Canyon
A formation created by the Snake River, Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in North America. Yes, it is even deeper than the Grand Canyon. The canyon is approximately ten miles in width, and stretches along the western border of Idaho and the eastern border of Oregon. Hells Canyon is part of the Hells Canyon National Recreational Area, which supports such activities as white water rafting, jet skiing/ boating, swimming, fishing, hunting, and camping. Hiking, jogging, and bicycling opportunities are all offered with the areas numerous trails. Although much of the canyon is inaccessible by road, most of the beauty can be experienced with the use of watercraft. Several different companies, such as ROW Adventures, have services to help provide you with a positive trip to Hells Canyon.

Visitors can enjoy a day trip to the area and relax on the glistening beaches, fish for a variety of water species, or enjoy a walk to simply relish in the beauty offered by the natural landscape. For those who are more interested in a lengthy stay, there are a number of lodges available to support overnight vacationing. Idahoans wants you to enjoy all Idaho has to offer!

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