Idaho’s Creatures to Be Aware of

I think everyone has at least some fear when it comes to venomous animals and insects (And just to be clear, venomous means that when it bites you then you are poisoned. Poisonous means you are poisoned when you bite it) and others have an interest in these kinds of organisms, either because they are fascinated by something that can kill them with a single fang or for some other reason I cannot comprehend. Some people are terrified by spiders and some love having them around because they keep insects out. Some people are grossed out by snakes and others have them for pets and let them slither all around. The majority of people do not keep venomous pets whether they are spiders or snakes but there are certainly some who do. Idaho has its fair share of venomous animals and you might want to know more about them. Maybe you think such information is cool or maybe you want to know what to avoid. Either way, let me give you an introduction to Idaho’s' population of venomous animals.

Snakes are a pretty divisive animal. Either you love them and have them as a pet or you really hate them and your skin crawls when you come across them. For the most part, it is rattlesnakes you want to watch out for. In fact, if you encounter any other kind of venomous snake then you probably are not in Idaho or got very unlucky. As is the case for a large part of the United States, rattlesnakes are pretty much the only threat out there when it comes to slithering animals. There are two major forms of rattlesnake to be on the lookout for. There is the Western Rattlesnake and the Prairie Rattlesnake. For the most part, these are animals that are going to leave you alone (A fact that we will get into with spiders as well). No rattlesnake is simply going to come after you and bite you for the sake of it. They do not get angry with humans and we are not their prey so there is no reason to worry unless you happen to stumble upon a rattlesnake in the middle of the desert when you were not watching where you were going, another thing that is unlikely. As you are probably well aware, rattlesnakes like to let people know when they are close by shaking around the rattle in their tail. If you and the snake are both surprised to find each other something has gone horribly wrong and you might be bitten. Rattlesnakes tend to help to keep certain animal populations like rodents low. They eat all of the little critters and are careful to avoid humans. Really, they are beautiful animals and if you happen to find one in the wild you might be surprised by how striking they are. Just make sure you keep your distance and avoid sticking around for too long.

In many ways, spiders are a lot like snakes, at least when it comes to their relationship with humans. They tend to keep to themselves and not bother the much larger and dangerous humans. The thing you have to realize is that even if a snake or spider bites you it is their last resort and they probably plan on dying next. You are a much larger and stronger creature than a spider or a snake and they know it. This is especially true for spiders. They know the second they come in contact with a human they are probably dead. The difference when it specifically comes to spiders is that they are small and can generally get away from human contact even when they are in a human building. This means they are bold then a snake and can get away with living in your house for quite a while without you noticing. There are also quite a bit more of them and they enjoy the dark and calm sections of your home. However, this means that a lot of the other insects you might have in your house will get eaten instead. Spiders can do a lot to clean up your home and generally it is good to have around. If you have a venomous one, then you might get into some trouble, but most other spiders are just good to have. The spiders you have to be on the lookout for in Idaho are Hobo Spiders, Brown recluse Spiders, Yellow Sac Spiders, and the infamous Black Widow Spiders. Not all of these are going to have the same behaviors and not all of them have the same deadly bite, but you want to make sure you do not come in contact with them for sure.

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