Idaho's Top Ten Most Productive Careers

Posted by Kevin Hughes on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at 11:16am.

Many people are looking for Idaho properties with one thing in mind: starting over with a new career. Relocating is not just for job transfers these days, and when purchasing Idaho real estate, it is vital to find a suitable job that will sustain. This article takes a look at the top ten most productive Idaho careers, the ten that pay the most for the work provided as well as being a trending job in Idaho state; it is organized by highest paying careers first.

#1 – Pharmacists
The average hourly wage for a licensed Pharmacist in Idaho is between $40-$41. Job growth in this area has gone up nearly 56% since 2004 and is expected to continue growing through 2014.

#2 – Software Engineering, Systems
The average hourly wage for a Systems Software Engineer ranges between $35-$36. Job growth projections through 2014 are just over 63%.

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#3 – Software Engineering, Applications
The hourly wage, on average for this field is between $32-$33. Through 2014, job growth projections are just over 60%.

#4 – Physician's Assistants
The Idaho average hourly wage for Physician's Assistants is $31-$32, with an expected growth through 2014 of around 56%.

#5 – Registered Nurses
In Idaho, RNs can expect to earn, on average, between $29-$30 per hour. Job growth projections through 2018 are approximately 22%.

#6 – Environmental Engineering Technicians
EE Techs in Idaho earn between $24-$25 hourly. Through the year 2014, job growth is expected to increase at about 52%.

#7 – Telecommunications, Installation & Repairs
In this growing Idaho industry, technicians make an average hourly wage of $23-$24. Through 2014, this is one of the highest areas of growth at almost 85%.

#8 – Network & Computer Systems Administrators
The average wage in Idaho for this career path is $21-$22 per hour. Job growth through 2014 is expected to increase by almost 55%.

#9 – Licensed Practical Nurses
In Idaho, LPNs make an average hourly wage of $17-$18. Projections through 2014 see a growth of 21%.

#10 – Network Systems & Data Communications Analysts
Idahoans in this field make an average of $17-$18 per hour, with a projected growth through 2014 of 63%.

To recap, the fastest growing jobs in the top ten are Telecommunications, Network Systems (Analysts and 

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 Administrators), Software Systems and Applications, and Pharmacists and Physician's Assistants. These jobs are expected to have the most need in Idaho, and will continue on a growth incline through 2014. Idaho continues to reamin strong in these areas, providing a strong future for its real estate owners.

The reasons to purchase homes in Idaho, especially in Boise, are numerous, especially since employment rates are steadily climbing. Opportunities for careers in communications, healthcare, technical and engineering abound. Idaho is big on agriculture, and likely will be for a long time, but it is clear that this isn't the only area for careers and career growth. The steadily climbing job rates through 2014 also indicate that relocation to Idaho is ideal for many diverse fields.  

Kevin Hughes

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