Idaho's National Parks Await!

As many things draw our attention to one destination or another, there is undoubtedly one apparent reason for making Idaho home for many. That is the natural beauty found in the surrounding areas. In fact, anyone who might be considering a move to Idaho may come to find that living in Idaho creates an opportunity for checking out four of America's most incredible national parks. Who knows! You may be considering making a move, and one of these parks may end up being your favorite way to spend time. Idaho is home to countless stunning landscapes, and the national parks are no exception. Discover seemingly endless terrain packed with fascinating landforms, critters, and creatures, as well as room to roam ideal for the avid explorer. 

Yellowstone National Park is not located within the Idaho boundaries, though having the park as a neighbor makes for grand adventures if perhaps a road trip is in store. Taking I-20 up into Yellowstone's western entrance allows visitors to then proceed into Wyoming and over to Old Faithful! The Yellowstone National Park is filled with majestic scenery and frequent destinations ideal for exploring, photography, and taking in the surroundings. Even though the park itself does not stretch across Idaho's border, the greater ecosystem does. This becomes evident with destinations such as Harriman State Park and Mesa Falls near Island Park, Idaho. With that being said, Idahoans don't have to cross state lines to enjoy nature. Of the 27 national forests in the Greater Yellowstone Region, 12 can be found on Idaho land. Deciding to call Idaho home becomes more and more appealing at every turn for nature lovers. A person can get up close and personal with wildlife in Rexburg, home of Yellowstone Bear World.

The natural beauty in the area is obvious, but there is cultural beauty as well. Summer in Yellowstone National Park is affectionately referred to as "Indian Summer." Yellowstone is host to many First Nations gatherings, including Eastern Shoshone Indian Days, Northern Arapaho events, the Plains Indian Museum Powwow, the Valley of the Chiefs Powwow and Rodeo, and many others.

City of Rocks National Reserve - 39 +/-miles from the Twin Falls area

Not merely a climber's paradise, the City of Rock National Reserve is a destination ideal for exploration. Trails weave around landmarks, towering rock formations, and across the desert terrain surrounded by nature and the beauty that encompasses this area. Situated in Southeastern Idaho, the City of Rock National Reserve boasts granite monolith towers that surpass heights of over 60 stories tall. Many travelers have made this unique location a priority as one of the top destinations to visit with good reason. Be sure to start at the visitor's centers for additional information on the area, fee structures, rules and regulations, maps, and to get any questions answered prior to entering the park. Enjoy! 

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Reserve - 85 +/- miles from the Idaho Falls area 

Idaho's tranquil surface grossly belies its turbulent geologic past. Craters of the Moon is safe for exploration now, though exploring through a lava tube is an excellent reminder that solid Idaho land was once a flow of molten lava. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Reserve is a fantastic destination ideal for those who enjoy exploring caves though prior planning may be necessary. For additional information on the park, reservations, maps, and more, the Robert Limbert Visitors Center makes a great resource for area information. 

Nez Perce National Historical Park - 13 +/- miles from the Lewiston area

The Nez Perce National Historical Park sprawls over four states, one of them being Idaho. Idaho boasts a remarkable 23 of the total 38 sites.

Heart of the Monster: According to the Nez Perce account of creation, the birthplace of the Nez Perce people was on Idaho land, right here at Heart of the Monster. The Heart of the Monster landmark rests right off US-12. Discover area pathways, interpretive displays, audio exhibits, and parking.

Lewis and Clark Long Camp: Lewis and Clark camped here with the Nez Perce people for over a month.

White Bird Battlefield: This was the location of the first battle of the Nez Perce War



Idaho is full of adventure and surprises!

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