Idaho's Historical Giants, Lewis and Clark

Posted by Kevin Hughes on Friday, June 24th, 2011 at 3:17pm.

Individuals interested in Idaho Real Estate can’t go far in the state without realizing the magnanimous role that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark played in the state’s history.  President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Captain Meriwether Lewis to lead the Corps of Discovery in 1803.  Lewis, in turn, chose William Clark to be his partner.  On August 12, 1805 the expedition crossed Lemhi Pass into Idaho.

Mountainous Trails

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

Those considering investing in Real Estate in the state of Idaho can get a sense of history on the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition, the trail stretches an estimated 3,700 miles from Wood River, Illinois to the mouth of the Columbia River in the state of Oregon, crossing eleven states including Idaho, making it the second longest trail of the twenty-three National Historic Trails.

Lewis and Clark crossed the Great Divide at Lemhi Pass and arrived at Cameahwait's Village which became the base camp for the group’s reconnaissance of the Salmon River.  It was here Clark discovered the bird known as the Clark’s Nutcracker.

On September 14, 1805 the group camped on the Lochsa River in Idaho County near Powell Ranger Station.  There for want of meat they were compelled to kill and eat a colt at what became Colt Killed Creek.

On September 15 they camped where Wendover Ridge meets the Lolo Trail.  They struggled up the steep ascents losing some of the horses when they slipped and the next day they camped at a spot on the Lolo Trail called Indian’s Post Office where they had to kill another colt.

On September 17 they camped east of Indian Grave Peak where they were driven by hunger to kill and eat a third colt.  Captain Clark and six hunters scouted ahead in search of food and later camped at Hungrey Creek while Captain Lewis camped at Bald Mountain.

Today one can travel the historic Lolo Motorway for up to a hundred miles to enjoy the beauty of the mountains.  Trails along side the motorway offer opportunities for hikers to explore.

Through River and Stream

The Nez Perce National Historical Park commemorates the contribution of the Native American nation.  Clark first encountered them on September 20, 1805.  They first considered killing the group, but a woman treated kindly by white men in Canada persuaded them to spare them.  On May 5, 1806 Captain Lewis gave the chief a gift of a medal with the likeness of the President.  Two such medals have been discovered at Indian burials.  The American Numismatic Society holds one, but the other was returned to the Nez Perce in 1968.

The Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway

Idaho Real Estate investors will live only a short distance from the Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway where travelers can take a relaxing road trip with thirty-nine miles of beautiful vistas.  The roads are single lane with a gravel surface and the whole trip takes about three hours.

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