Idaho’s Crime Rates Vs. National Average


Idaho is a snug little state with something different going on from north to south and from east to west. In Western Idaho, there is the Treasure Valley, which consists of cities such as Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Caldwell, Star, Nampa, and Middleton. These are only a few of the cities, but the biggest and most bustling are Boise and Meridian. The rest of Idaho’s population and attractions are spread out from Eastern Idaho to the northern panhandle. Does this mean that Western Idaho sees the most crime, being more concentrated and city-like, as opposed to the farm towns and university cities such as Rexburg and Moscow? Does the crime in Idaho even compare to most states in the US? It seems so safe and friendly, and arguably it really is. However, there is still crime in Idaho, of course, and maybe how Idaho stacks up to other states in terms of safety vs. crime may be surprising.

Before diving into Idaho’s overall crime rates and compare them to the national average and see where Idaho fits on the list of safest states, let’s review the top safest cities in the state of Idaho:

Coming at number ten is Malta.

The ninth safest, least crime-reported city in Idaho is Glenns Ferry.

The eighth safest, nearly crime-free city is Filer.

The seventh on the list is Roberts.

Coming at number six in safest Idaho city is New Meadows.

Now into the top five! Number five on the list of safest, least crime-reported cities is Island Park.

Number four on the list is Inkom.

The third safest city in Idaho is the Mountain Home.

Number two on the list is McCammon.

(Drumroll please) The top safest and least crimes reported city in all of Idaho is Murtaugh.

Although these are the ten safest cities, there are tons of other safe areas in Idaho, and most of Idaho has little crime as it is. The crime rate in the entire state of Idaho is as follows:

Per 1000 residents, 19.59 (17.44 being property crimes and 2.16 violent).

The national average for violent crimes is 3.8, which makes Idaho safer than the national average at 2.16.

The national average for property crimes is 26, and Idaho’s is at 17.44. This also makes Idaho safer in comparison and in regards to property crimes, as well as violent crimes, by a considerable amount compared to the average rate for US states. As for crimes per square mile, Idaho is still considerably safer than the national average, at only 25 as opposed to 32.85 (the national average).

As you can find from the data above, Idaho in comparison could be considered a safer state with crime a lot lower than the national average. Even the most highly populated and busiest cities in Idaho, such as Boise and Meridian, have lower crime rates than the national average. Boise has a population of over 218,000 people and is the most populated city in all of Idaho. Boise ranks safer than 25% of cities in the United States. Boise’s violent crime rate is slightly higher than the state’s average, coming in at 3.1, but is still lower than the nation’s average, 3.8. As for property crimes, Boise is again at a higher crime rate than the state’s average, being 22.81, but is still lower than the national average, which is 26.

Meridian, Idaho is another highly populated city in Idaho. It comes in at number two in highest populated cities in Idaho but number three in largest community (Nampa, Idaho is number two in this, and we will review that city next). Meridian ranks considerably safer than Boise and the national average of cities in the US, being 59% safer than most cities in the US (as opposed to the 25% of Boise). The crime rate for violent crimes in Meridian is 1.07, which is considerably lower than both the state average (2.16) and national average (3.8). As for property crimes, the crime rate in Meridian is also much lower than the state average and national average, coming in at 11.63 (as opposed to the state of Idaho’s 17.44 and the national average of 26). Meridian has, in recent years, become one of the most desirable places to live in the entire USA, and considering these crime rate numbers alone make it appealing, especially paired with the growing community, attractions, and shopping centers in the bustling Idaho city.It is interesting to learn about the crime rates in each state, and overall Idaho is a safe place to live, coming in well below the national average as a state and in most cities.

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