Idaho Weekend Getaways


Sometimes life can be a bit hectic and we just want to get away for a bit--just long enough to rest up and recharge our batteries. We often don’t even realize we are carrying the world on our shoulders until we take a minute to finally sit down and relax. Well, it takes more than relaxing for a couple of hours to properly do the trick. So, why not check out some of the beautiful weekend getaways in Idaho that will help you spend a weekend (or even just a night) away from the busy, and sometimes stressful, parts of life?

Take care of yourself and allow yourself the comfort of recharging your energy and taking a breather. Although some may not think of Idaho as a spot where one can find a fancy getaway excursion, or maybe it’s just that the area is so familiar it seems silly to “get away” in one’s own home town or state. Well, Idaho actually has numerous weekend getaway spots to spend a night, weekend or longer in relaxation paradise. Idaho is a big state, and there are hot spots for the ideal weekend getaways over the entire thing, so imagine how many possibilities there are in store for anyone wanting a little relaxation time.

The Gem State is known for its scenic beauty, so it makes sense that there would be option after option for weekend getaways. So, where do we start? Let’s begin at some of the unique, quiet getaway spots, as we can’t possibly get into even 1/100th of the possibilities in one article!

The Coeur d’Alene Resort

If you are looking for a ritzy, fancy place to stay, the Coeur d’Alene Resort in its namesake city is a great place to check out on your journey to find the best hotel for your weekend excursion. This resort is highly rated online and is on the water. It’s beautiful inside and out, scenic and modern through and through. At this hotel resort, you can find yourself either out on a golf course by the shimmering view of the lake, or you can be pampered inside at the spa. There is fine dining, excellent service, and allows for great views from balcony rooms.

Sun Valley Lodge

Sun Valley, Idaho is the home of the first ski resort known to the United States and featured the first ski lift in the world. It was also the home of Ernest Hemingway in the last few years of his life, and the restaurant he frequented is still in operation (you can even visit the table he worked at and was dubbed “his” table). It was also a hot spot for celebrities to stay at back in its hay day around the late 1930s and the 1940s. It is now famous for its art and culture scene and is still home to wonderful hotels, such as the Sun Valley Lodge.

If you look up reviews of the Sun Valley Lodge, you won’t be surprised to see the abundance of wonderful reviews. This is a very popular hotel and is widely regarded. They have an amazing staff, phenomenal service, and dining, and it is in one of the most beautiful locations in the whole state of Idaho. At this hotel, there are also multiple pools, golf courses, shopping, live entertainment, a spa, and a fitness center.

The Ashley Inn

Many people, Idahoans, and visitors of the state alike have enjoyed their stay at the Ashley Inn and have raved about it. It is reviewed highly online and is held in high regard as one of the best places to spend the night when traveling around the Gem State. This inn is tucked away in Cascade, Idaho and is in a ripe spot for adventures in nature, such as a hot spring within a half-hour drive. It has a great homey feel, a pool, and is top-rated online.

The hotels listed above aren’t even the start of all the getaways and retreats you can spend a night or weekend (or longer) at in Idaho. There are options of all kinds over the entire state--cozy options, luxury options, “roughing-it” options (such as cabins without wifi or electricity but in the heart of beautiful hot springs and winter sporting opportunities), and places that will provide unique experiences that will be different for every person who takes a journey there. The best part of adventuring to new places is that the experiences are unforgettable.

If you are overwhelmed at the possibilities of your weekend getaway, you could always narrow your search down to a particular area you would like to explore, what type of hotel/accommodation you are searching for, and what your overall desire for your trip to be is. Once you figure out what you want to do, you will find good spots for those activities and will see what certain areas have to offer in their 30-minute radiuses. You can then look at the types of accommodations in the area you are interested in has. It’s as simple as a couple of Google searches and you are on your way to relaxation and/or adventure--the choice is yours!

Did you know there were such luxury and such cozy places to get away from life’s troubles in within Idaho? These spots were just a few of many, many more that await you all around the state. So, if you are looking for a nice, relaxing getaway from the everyday stresses of life, you know where to start. From soaking your troubles away in local hot springs to local art scenes and more, Idaho has got you covered from the panhandle to the bottom of the state in accommodations and adventures galore, whether it’s a two-week vacation or a one-night getaway. Grab your suitcase and your favorite tunes to jam out to in the car, and get to relaxing at one of these cozy getaway spots.

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