Idaho Weather Patterns

Weather can make or break whether or not a state is worth living in. If it rains too much or if it is too cold all the time, fewer people are going to want to live there and a handful of people are going to get even more excited to live there. Certain parts of the country are unbearably hot and that heat can even affect the health of a person living under it all the time. Many people like and prefer many different kinds of weather and that means there are going to be parts of the United States that they loved and other parts that they absolutely despise. 

The elephant in the room when it comes to Idaho weather has to be how severe Idaho’s winters may be. Idaho is not as bad as other states and it is not a homogenous region of pure cold when winter strikes, but it is definitely not a southern state and so it sees its fair share of white winters. There is some amount of snow spread around the entirety of the state most every winter and the northern regions of the state definitely get a disproportionate amount of that white, powdery substance. Of course, by that point, you are almost touching Canada (And a small part of Idaho does share a border with Canada) and while Canada is not the frozen wasteland that a lot of people joke about it being, it is definitely a cold place.

So, if you plan on making any kind of a life in Idaho, you are going to have to be ready for when the winter comes around. This means having a good assortment of warm clothing to keep you comfortable as well as safe in emergency situations. It means taking a good look at your home every once in a while to make sure it can stand up against the cold. Check to be sure that your windows are not letting out too much warmth and that your air-conditioning units are up to the task of fighting against the elements. The Idaho winter also means finding a proficiency in snow driving. Many people are not exceptional drivers in good conditions. Once there is snow and ice on the road, the whole system can dissolve into chaos if you and the people around you do not know what needs to be done to drive safely on icy and snowy roads. Of course, the best option available it usually to just not go out at all on the roads, but that is not always a practical option. Sometimes you have to get out of the house and that is why Idaho has lots of people paid to clear the roads of snow and that is why methods and skills can be developed to survive on a winter road.

Luckily, the rest of the years is going to be pretty nice. Winter can extend on both sides to slip more into spring and start earlier in the fall but there is still going to be some really idyllic times on both of those ends and the summer is never going to be completely oppressive. It can definitely get hot, especially if there are certain weather patterns and natural (Or human) phenomena that trap heat closer to the surface of Idaho, but you are not going to get the long and muggy summers that you might find in say Texas. Trust me, I grew up in central Texas and spent almost twenty years of my life there. Idaho is much better in the summer than Texas and the same goes for many other states. So, in general, once the winter is over and things start to warm up, Idaho is a pretty nice place to be. The wind will blow, and the rain will come but never quite in the intolerable ways that other states experience. A long and frigid winter is a small price to pay for a largely pleasant rest of the year, at least in my opinion.

One other thing of special note that is a little more particular to one part of Idaho is the inversion. This is not a large weather pattern that sweeps across the state but is something that can most commonly be found in the Treasure Valley (The southwestern region of Idaho that includes Boise and its neighboring cities). The because there are mountains creating the valley it can be hard for certain weather patterns to get past those mountains. This means those certain weather patterns might stick around for quite a long time. Where other parts of the state will see quick changes in bad or good weather, the Treasure Valley can have lingering annoyances in the air. This can mean a couple of things for the people living in the Treasure Valley, along with anyone who ever finds themselves settling in one of the many different valleys that can be found in Idaho or anywhere else across the world. If cloudy weather comes through, you might expect not to see the sun for a while. If there is a large forest fire nearby and the smoke is slipping over the mountains around the Treasure Valley, you can probably expect it to take a while for that smoke to dissipate or drift somewhere else. Quite a few different weather patterns can linger for quite a long time.

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