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Idaho, the Country's Premier Summer Stage

Lake Stanley

There is an extraordinary amount of things to do and places to go throughout the beautiful state of Idaho, and it doesn't matter if you're in the panhandle, central, or lower regions of the state. Idaho is one of the country's most underrated places to live and vacation; but for those who know all the secrets, you'll find them squeezing in as much outdoor time as they can. Stretching from Idaho's tallest peak to one of the world's deepest canyons, there's no place quite like Idaho. Discover what makes Idaho the top place to get away from it all this summer. Your imagination is the only limit to the Idaho vacation of your dreams! From Snow skiing on fresh powder to water skiing on pristine lakes think of Idaho as a great place to live.

Central Idaho

Idaho has secrets. Many of them are located within the mountain region of the state, or the central portion where unfettered wilderness, rugged mountain peaks, and thousands of bodies of water scour the landscape. Central Idaho is dotted with vacation spots from every corner, and though the area is home to some of the smallest towns, it is also home to some of the world's most majestic and outstanding scenery and attractions you'll find anywhere. The tiny gems of Sun Valley and Ketchum, Hailey, and Bellevue are found here, accompanied by a vast outdoors that can rival the beauty and grandeur of our country's most popular tourist hot-spots. The charm, culture, and recreation is a draw for every lifestyle, every season. It is here, on Idaho's premier summer stage, that you can experience the ultimate Idaho vacation. Begin with an unforgettable scenic drive.

The Sawtooth Scenic Byway stretches roughly 115 miles, and enjoys the distinction of being the 100th National Forest Scenic Byway. Along its route you'll get a firsthand look at central Idaho's most popular attractions, including Boulder Mountains to Galena Pass, the ridge of the Sawtooth Mountains, and through the mountain resort towns of Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley. You'll be rolling through some of Idaho's most impressive outdoor venues, making this scenic drive the perfect launching ground to begin your trek through the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Sawtooth Wilderness

Sawtooth MountainsThe Sawtooth National Recreation Area is the place to be this season in Idaho. A wide variety of activities are set upon this 756,000 acre spread of outdoor bliss, including hiking, trail riding, hunting, camping, fishing, whitewater rafting, and rock climbing – all with a scenic, ethereal backdrop you'll be constantly stopping to memorialize with your camera. Enjoy just a few days or a string of days stomping through the Boise, Challis, and Sawtooth forests, whether you're in search for an established campground or are looking for a stream to throw your line into.

Often referred to as the “jewel of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area,” Redfish Lake is hugely popular amongst photographers. It's a five mile long alpine lake in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains, and is home to a well established campground area that hosts endless opportunities, from sunbathing on the beach to canoeing to fishing to horseback riding. People enjoy riding along some of the most brilliant mountain biking trails in the country, making bike rentals a popular activity among vacationers. You can choose between blazing the mountain trails or comfortably cruising around the lake. But if you're looking for the ultimate Idaho vacation – don't miss out on the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. Beautiful scenery is just a drive away or walk out to your back door when you live in Idaho.

Hells Canyon

The Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, as the name implies, is home to Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America; even deeper than the Grand Canyon. The recreation area sits on the Oregon and Idaho state borders, and the canyon itself is carved by the waters of the Snake River, accessed from Boise in roughly 3 ½ hours. There are numerous ways to take in a Hells Canyon adventure, whether it's by fishing charter, jet boat, or by trail. One thing is for certain: no roads cross Hells Canyon, and it is one of the most rugged and spectacular uninhabited lands on earth. At the core of Hells Canyon is the most untamed and wild stretch of the Snake River. To experience one of the best views of the canyon and into three states, visit Heavens Gate Overlook, which is the highest viewpoint in Idaho at an elevation of 8429 feet. You'll also get a fabulous look at the Seven Devils Mountains. While you're in the area, plan for some of the most rewarding sightseeing you've ever had.

Seven Devils

Hells CanyonWhile exploring Idaho around Hells Canyon, one of more notable scenic attractions along the way is the previously mentioned Seven Devils Mountains, located above the east bank along the Snake River. They stretch along the Idaho-Oregon border for about 40 miles, and the range varies between just above 1,000 feet at the Snake River to 9,393 feet at the summit of He Devil. With two main trail heads leading into the area, there are campgrounds, fire rings, and picnic areas. You're bound to find the Seven Devils to be an exhilarating adventure with such a great variety of trails and scenery, and an eery place to boot – with names like She Devil, Tower of Babel, Twin Imps, the Ogre, the Goblin, and Devils Throne. A part of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the Seven Devils were named by the Nez Perce Indians who lived in the area at the time, and later, explorers gave the legendary peaks their names. While exploring the wondrous landscapes of Idaho picture yourself living  in Boise and surrounding communities.

There's so much more to do and experience in Idaho than can possibly be mentioned in one place, from riding the surface of Payette Lake in the spectacular McCall Idaho to soaking up the natural beauty in the lakeside Coeur d'Alene. The water and mountain adventure in Idaho is unparalleled, so it's no wonder that after a memorable vacation in Idaho so many turn to Idaho real estate to pursue a lifelong adventure in Idaho, instead of just a seasonal one. Don't miss out on the country's premier summer stage!

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