Idaho Shooting Safety

There are a lot of fun things you can do in Idaho, but maybe at the top of the list is shooting. It is a massive past time in the state and lots of people are out all the time, partaking in a variety of different shooting activities. There are so many different ways to enjoy shooting sports and you can probably find something in there that will really entice you to get into shooting if you are not already. But shooting is not a picnic, at least not from the start. There is a lot you need to know, even if you are not required to know it to own a gun. Today, I am going to illuminate you on some of these things to give you an idea of what you are getting into if you want to be involved in the world of guns and how to enjoy it without risking any harm to yourself or anyone else.

No talk about guns is complete without spending a fair amount of time on safety. Guns are dangerous. They are used for all kinds of things like we have talked about but that is not what they were made for. Some guns are designed for hunting or for special target shooting, but the core principle behind a gun is that it is supposed to kill. That is what guns are for, though sometimes we try to avoid that fact. If you are not careful around guns, their true purpose can manifest itself in ways you do not want.

Therefore, there are some very important things to remember. These are things you need to always consider and adhere to whenever guns are involved. The obvious and manmade ways to keep you safe when handling a gun are the safety and the ability to check and empty the chamber on a gun. All guns have some kind of safety that you want to keep engaged whenever you are not pulling the trigger or plan to be pulling the trigger in the next few seconds. The only people who walk around with the safeties on their guns disengaged are in the military and even they do not do that unless they are in combat. You should have that safety going almost all the time. Similarly, if you do not plan to shoot that gun, make sure it is empty, especially if you are a new gun owner. Once you have had experience and if you want to start carrying a gun for protection with a concealed carry license, you usually keep a bullet in the chamber so you can use the weapon quickly, but this is something you should only do when you have earned confidence in it.

The core idea behind safety with a gun is to not point it at anything you would not want to obliterate from existence. Never point it at a person or animal that is not a legitimate threat and, to take things a little further, do not point a gun at any object that is valuable to you. Even if you are certain the chamber is empty and the safety is on, something can still go wrong. Maybe your memory is not so good or something happened to the gun in the few minutes or seconds you were not looking at it or holding it. It is best to be safe as opposed to dead or injured. Never play around with a gun by pointing it at people, even if they are in on the joke. That is how tragedies happen.

Now, where you are pointing your gun is more complicated than just keeping the muzzle away from what is visible. Just because you are not pointing the gun at anyone or thing in the room with you does not mean it is pointed in a safe direction. Bullets are fast and they are made to go through things. The walls of your house, on the other hand, or thin and made to be cheap but effective. Even really nice walls are not going to stop a bullet, especially if it is coming out of a rifle. An object is not going to stop a bullet unless it is a really big rock or was made to stop that bullet. Always pay attention to what is on the business end of your gun, no matter what circumstances you are in. Usually, this just means keeping a gun pointed downrange when you are shooting targets, but if things are different you have to think differently.

Finally, when it is time to put your gun or guns away you need to have a safe place to do so. Guns are valuable in both the money they are worth and the capabilities inherent in them. Jewelry just looks nice and is expensive but you still lock it up, so do the same for your gun which looks nice, is expensive, and can kill a person. A high-end safe is your best bet, but do whatever you can with what you have available to you. Lock your gun cases and put them in a good hiding spot and do not advertise too much that you have a gun and where it might be.

There is still more to go over when it comes to gun safety, but the list is too long, even for a lifetime of gun ownership. Just remember to pay attention and be careful at all time and you will have a lot of fun hunting, participating in shooting sports, or just target shooting in Idaho.

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