Idaho Recreation Features Supurb Lakes

If you love water
activities like boating or fishing, moving to Idaho is for you--there are a plethora of great Idaho lakes. Some are smaller and ideal for fishing, while some a large, perfect for boats and jetskis. Here's a list of some beautiful Idaho lakes that you'll love:

1. Lake Pend Oreille: Located in northern Idaho, this is the fifth deepest lake in the United States. It is surrounded by small towns and lush national forests. Because Lake Pend Oreille is a large lake, it is perfect for water skiing and any other action water sport. It also has some of the best fishing in any Idaho lakes, having a variety of large fish. The 37 pound state record Kamloops rainbow trout was caught in this lake in 1947. Northern Idaho is known for its immense beauty and you can visit other fun attractions near Lake Pend Oreille as well.

2. Redfish Lake: Located in central Idaho, Redfish Lake is a very popular fishing and summer camping getaway. A favorite of Idaho residents all over the state, Redfish Lake is beautiful itself and has breathtaking views of the nearby Sawtooth mountains. Its campgrounds, cabins, and lodge make it a very comfortable outdoor experience. You can use the lake for fishing, boating, or some of the fun water activities by the lodge like stand-up sailing. There are also hiking trails leading to excellent views and high-mountain lakes.


3. Lake Cascade: Located in South-Central Idaho near Mccall, Lake Cascade is the fourth largest lake in the state--it's great for both motor and fishing boats. In the winter, it's used for for ice fishing and is very near Tamarack Ski Resort, making it an ideal winter getaway. There are some great cabins in Cascade where residents enjoy having year-round fun friends. Cascade real estate is your ticket to all kinds of outdoor recreational adventures.

4. Lucky Peak: Located near Boise, Lucky Peak is a reservoir that's only 4.4 square miles, however it is an excellent, convenient location for swimming, fishing, boating, and action water sports. It has many docks along the shore with excellent picnic areas. There are other popular lakes close to Boise also.

5. Bear Lake: This lake is located in southeastern Idaho and extends down into Utah. It's a large lake and a very popular tourist place, with a host of fun activities in the area. Bear Lake has nice beaches and is a great motor boating location. During the winter, it's another great spot for ice fishing.

6. Stanley Lake: Stanley Lake is only a mile long and is situated in a very peaceful area. Stanley is recognized by Idahoans as being one of the prettiest cities in the state. It's located at the base of the Sawtooth Mountain range and close to the world-renowned Salmon River. It has a variety of fish in the lake and is especially great for lake and rainbow trout fishing. In addition to taking in majestic views, you're likely to see some wildlife during your trip.

This is just a small sample of some of the main Idaho lakes. Idaho is the perfect place for water lovers--you'll want to go explore and find your favorite. Wherever you want to live in Idaho, there will be a lake and probably multiple nearby in this mountainous state. Not only are Idaho lakes beautiful and fun areas for everyone, they are just one of the many reasons that those that buy real estate in Idaho love living in the Gem State.


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