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Approximately 100+/- miles north of Boise lies one of Idaho's favorite resort towns and winter destinations, McCall, Idaho. This vibrant, rural city is situated on the southern shore of beautiful Payette Lake, surrounded by towering pine trees, remarkable landscapes, and snow-capped mountain peaks reaching over 8,000+/- feet in height. With roots in recreation, mining, forestry, and agriculture, McCall has since transformed its cityscape to accommodate a plethora of year-round outdoor recreation and adventure enthusiasts alike.

Prime Vacation Seasons


During the winter months, the town of McCall has some of the highest average snowfalls in the state, making for excellent snowmobiling, alpine, Nordic, and backcountry skiing…

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Biking Through IdahoThe rush of the wind in your face and the pavement flying by bring back that familiar passion and contentment. Nothing but you, your bike, and the Idaho highway ahead of you will make the perfect combination. The most important part of your journey, is your safe return home. In order to keep you safe and to allow you to keep riding Idaho has establish laws for cyclists. So, before you head out onto the road, be sure to review bike safety basics.

Safety Equipment 101
Lights- Bikes are required to be equipped with a light on the front. This light must be able to illuminate up to 500 feet. It is to be turned on when the bike is in use between sunset and sunrise and when the day is cloudy enough that visibility is impaired.

Reflectors-A reflector is required for…
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If one of the first things you think of when you think of Idaho is its incredible natural wildlife, you’d be spot on.  When you settle in Idaho and make it your home, you’ll be sharing your home with hundreds of species of mammals, plants, and birds native to Idaho and famous throughout the North and Midwest.  Idaho is a haven for a huge range of unique wildlife you’ve only seen in movies or in pictures, with many reserves to visit and observe the amazing animals. The diverse landscape provides many opportunities to view animals and birds in their natural habitat, as well.

Go on a wild adventure at Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  This waterfowl refuge is located at the marshy north shore of scenic Bear Lake in Montpelier, Idaho.  It represents an…

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Boise RiverYou’ve done your research, you’ve explored Idaho Real Estate options, and you’ve decided to move to your new home in Boise.  It’s a great choice—a beautiful, historic city where you will be welcomed with open arms.  You can’t wait to move.  You’re excited about the majesty of the views and the welcoming nature of the city.  It’s going to be a great new chapter in the lives of you.

But you might be wondering…what's the weather like in Boise?

All weather reports – and city dwellers – claim and experience very mild weather in Boise.  There are four distinct seasons, which are marked by the changing of leaves and the growing and flourishing of flora and fauna.  Boise is truly a beautiful city, and is not subject to the constant rain or coldness in the…

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Sometimes life can be a bit hectic and we just want to get away for a bit--just long enough to rest up and recharge our batteries. We often don’t even realize we are carrying the world on our shoulders until we take a minute to finally sit down and relax. Well, it takes more than relaxing for a couple of hours to properly do the trick. So, why not check out some of the beautiful weekend getaways in Idaho that will help you spend a weekend (or even just a night) away from the busy, and sometimes stressful, parts of life?

Take care of yourself and allow yourself the comfort of recharging your energy and taking a breather. Although some may not think of Idaho as a spot where one can find a fancy getaway excursion, or maybe it’s just that the area is…

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Kuna, Idaho has quickly become one of the fastest-growing cities in Idaho over the years. This quaint, rural town is attracting visitors who want to live in a town that has character. Since 1995, Kuna’s population has been on a steady rise from around 2,500 residents to its current population of 25,000. The little town is growing so quickly and isn’t showing signs of stopping any time soon! It’s nearly tripled since the early 2000s, but just why do people love Kuna, Idaho so much?

Located just 18 miles south of Idaho’s capital city of Boise, Kuna is in a great area where city-dwellers can go to experience the tranquil sides of Idaho. What originally started as a railroad stop for passengers on their way to Boise, Kuna has exploded into a…

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So, you have decided to move to Idaho, eh? An excellent decision. It is a wonderful state with a lot of great features to offer to you, but unless you have lived in Idaho before, or have visited often, there is probably a lot you do not know about it. Here is a little introduction for you, in order that you might know some more about what Idaho has to offer you. Something to get excited about, as well as one or two things to be aware of.

If you do not already have employment lined up for when you get here, have no fear. Idaho has a large and diverse pool of different kinds of jobs that are just waiting for you to snatch them up. Of course, agriculture is a huge part of the state (There is a…

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Boise is located in the southwestern part of Idaho about 55 miles from the border of Oregon along the I-84 corridor. The capital city of Idaho, Boise, is also the largest city in Idaho with a population of more than 223,000. Boise has several suburb cities that have grown to the point that there is not much distinction between where one starts and the other begins though is more or less a continuous trail of neighborhoods and business centers from one end of the Treasure Valley to the other.

Meridian is Boise’s closest neighbor and at a population of 87,743, it is the state’s second-largest city, edging out Nampa which had held that title previously. It is also the Idaho’s fastest growing urban city with a population growth of 3.5 percent. Meridian…

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Most things in life are better when you do them yourself. It’s easy to simply buy something, but making it can often be more inexpensive, and even far more gratifying. Building your own home is no exception, even if you don’t take on the whole project by yourself. There are lots of reasons to consider building your own home, but some of the more overlooked reasons are environmental. There is a vast difference between what you might do, versus any of the major companies that would otherwise build your new home.

One thing to consider is that a home development project usually isn’t about just a single building. You, on your own, will just be building your own home, but when a company gets to work, it is on entire neighborhoods. Depending on where you…

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Since the early days of the pilgrims, people in the United States have had a love affair with log homes. From the need for a home on the frontier using only the materials at hand to the modern desire for a warm, cosy, rustic place that reminds us of simpler times, log cabins have been the go-to for home design.

If building your own log cabin has been on your bucket list, here are some of the companies in Idaho that build log cabin kits:

Yellowstone Log Homes-

Yellowstone Log Homes, run by brothers Lynn and David Youngstrum and located in Rigby, ID, has been manufacturing log homes since 1962. After running a sawmill for many years, their father Lewis, was looking for a new challenge and…

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