Carfax For Homes? Impressive New iPhone App For Researching Homes


In a world largely dominated by cell phone use, HomeSnap, a new iPhone app created by Washington, D.C.-based online broker Sawbuck Realty, is a convenient creation to get you instantly connected to real-estate while on the go.

The app makes it unbelievably easy to instantly connect to homes and properties for sale with the simple application of your phone's camera. Users can snap a picture of almost any home throughout the U.S. and view a wide gamut of property details such as number of bedrooms & bathrooms, property history, price, size, and nearby schools. In addition to public data, HomeSnap draws information from the Multiple Listing Service, tax records, and census demographics. Guy Wolcott, the co-founder and CEO of Sawbuck says the patent-pending process is ninety percent accurate. The iPhone app debuted March of 2012 and has been downloaded 300,000 times

There's no longer the need to memorize addresses or locations when you spot a property you want to know more about. HomeSnap can do it for you with just a snapshot. The app has gained impressive momentum among realtors and house hunters, and even those who aren't necessarily looking for a house to buy. It's also a great way to satisfy your curiosity about that mansion you've always wondered about or your friends' houses.

One of the benefits of using HomeSnap is that it gives house hunters information on properties not listed on the MLS. There are roughly 90 million homes in the company's database and they are quickly picking up new cities across the country.

According to Wolcott, HomeSnap came as an inspiration from Shazam, a music-identifying app. He got the idea using the same template, only in terms of houses.

HomeSnap has added a new experience for prospective homebuyers and Realtors across the nation with its super ease of use and added convenience. Easily target neighborhoods and find out what's what with the properties being sold and purchased.

Wolcott is working towards making HomeSnap synonymous with home buying as well as satisfying the need to know what any home is worth. The app is a free download available at the iTunes store for both iPhone and iPad, and currently an Android version is in the works scheduled to be released in March of this year.

So, if you're in the Boise, Idaho market, go ahead and give HomeSnap a download to boost your search for the best home!

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