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Timberline High SchoolRelocating to Idaho for employment, and looking for Boise properties can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to know an area is to know its public transportation. Getting around this area is quite simple, once the routes and destinations are known. There is ample bus service in Boise, with Park & Ride, scheduled stops, and many transfer locations.

Hours of Operation
The Boise and Garden City routes operate weekdays and Saturdays. Weekday service is available from 5:15AM to 6:45PM. Saturday routes are from 7:45AM to 6:45PM. The shuttle services operate every day except Sundays, holidays (New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and December 25th), and in severe inclement weather (ice and snow).

Service Areas
There are 18 service areas in Boise for public bus transport. Below is a brief overview of routes:

·         Route 1, Parkcenter: This service is for downtown through Southeast Boise and includes the Timberline High School.
·         Route 2, Broadway: This service goes through Broadway Avenue, between downtown and Southeast Boise.
·         Route 3, Vista: Service is provided between the Boise Airport and downtown, via the Vista Corridor.
·         Route 4, Roosevelt: This route is for downtown through the Central Boise Bench Area.
·         Route 5, Emerald: Shoppers will enjoy this route from downtown through the Towne Square Mall.
·         Route 6, Orchard: Service is from Fairview and Targee, and includes Cole Valley Junior High and southern residential neighborhoods.
·         Route 7, Fairview: This route services Fairview to Cole, and the Towne Square Mall.
·         Route 8, Chinden/Five Mile & Chinden/Five Mile Express: Running via Chinden Boulevard, this service reaches Garden City, and Towne Square Mall. The express also includes the downtown area via Chinden Boulevard and Hewlett Packard.
·Boise Bus Stop
         Route 9, State Street & State Street Express: This route is for downtown through the Gary Lane Shopping Area.
·         Route 10, Hill Road & Maple Grove: This route covers the North Gate Mall, Glenwood, Goddard (West), Capital High School, Maple Grove, Emerald, and Towne Square Mall.
·         Route 11, Garden City: Service for this route includes downtown Boise, Garden City, Adams Street, 37th and 50th Streets, and Chinden Boulevard.
·         Route 14, Hyde Park: Service runs on this route from downtown, 9th & 10th Streets, Harrison, Brumback, and the Parkhill Apartment Complexes.
·         Route 16, VA Shuttle: This service runs from the Warm Springs Corridor to the VA Hospital.
·         Route 17, Warm Springs: Service provided includes State Office Buildings via Walnut Street, Old Penitentiary Road, and Warm Springs Boulevard.
·         Route 19, BSU Shuttle: This service is for Boise State University Campus.
·         Route 29, Overland: This is the connector between Boise State University and the Towne Square Mall.

There are plenty of ways to get around the Boise Area and from one Idaho area to the next while saving on fuel costs. Additional transportation information for the Treasure Valley can be found at, with complete schedules, maps, passes and payment info, and schedule books for the entire Boise area.

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