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Since the early days of the pilgrims, people in the United States have had a love affair with log homes. From the need for a home on the frontier using only the materials at hand to the modern desire for a warm, cosy, rustic place that reminds us of simpler times, log cabins have been the go-to for home design.

If building your own log cabin has been on your bucket list, here are some of the companies in Idaho that build log cabin kits:

Yellowstone Log Homes-

Yellowstone Log Homes, run by brothers Lynn and David Youngstrum and located in Rigby, ID, has been manufacturing log homes since 1962. After running a sawmill for many years, their father Lewis, was looking for a new challenge and started machining house logs that had a superior fit and finish. They produce three different log styles- milled, which are cut by a machine and produce uniform log sizes. Weather foam is placed between the logs to produce a weathertight seal. Half log siding is a Swedish coped log that is cut in half. They can be used inside or outside and are installed over existing 2 x framing. The third kind is handcrafted where each log is individually chosen hewn and notched for an exact fit. With 15 floor plans to choose from, Yellowstone Log Homes have choices for every lifestyle, from a basic 768 sqft getaway to 7,842 sqft, 9 bedrooms, 5 bath dream home.

Lodge Log and Timber-

Founded in Boise in 1975, Lodge Log and Timber has expanded to Sandpoint, Alpine and Flathead Lake, Idaho. They help customers achieve their dreams of owning a log home from small cabins to lodges to commercial buildings and restaurants. Within the log home industry, Lodge Log and Timber has built a reputation based on integrity and reliability. Use one of their many existing floor plans or let them help you design your own. Visitors are welcome to take a tour of their mill at corporate headquarters.

Log Home Outlet-

Based in Rexburg in Eastern Idaho, Log Home Outlet’s slogan is “Log Home Living Made Affordable” and they focus their entire business on that idea. They produce high-quality grade-stamped house logs at outlet pricing and offer free shipping on mosts home packages. They cut their logs from dead, freestanding timber which, because of the arid nature of Idaho’s climate produces logs that are less likely to settle, crack or twist. As kiln drying only dries the outside inch or two, and the center of the log remains green. Using logs that have dried naturally produces a better, more stable product.

Caribou Creek Log and Timber-

Caribou Creek Log and Timber is located in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. With roots in traditional barn building that goes back four generations, Caribou Creek’s homes are rooted in the pride of craftsmen working in wood. Caribou Creek places an emphasis on responsibility toward natural resources, using logs and timbers from well-managed and renewable forests. After meeting with clients where they determine your needs and desires, Caribou Creek will meet you at your desired property to help with design feasibility and assess the cost of your project. They will meet with clients as the plans are finalized to make sure your new log home is just what you wanted.

New Homestead USA-

New Homestead USA, located in Payette, Idaho offers themselves as the ‘most versatile' company in the log home business, offering long length and large diameter logs as well as a vast selection of log home components such as beams, stairs, rafters, etc. They produce their materials in a variety of species and three quality grades. Their products are offered in free-standing, air dried or kiln dried.

Precision Craft Log and Timber Homes-

Precision Craft Log and Timber Homes are located in Meridian, Idaho, though will work closely with you to build your home anywhere. Their homes have be built in the Mediterranean, Japan, and Australia as well as throughout the US and Canada. Using their Total Home Solution, they offer expertise and knowledge from beginning-to-end to insure the best constructed log and timber homes.

True Log Homes-

In its second generation, True Log Homes was founded in 1975 by Jim Maushak in Demic Washington. Jim’s son Jesse Maushak has also begun operations in Grangeville, Idaho. Featuring handcrafted log and dove-tail home packages, True Log can ship your home or commercial project to almost any location, although they focus on supplying Idaho, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Oregon, Utah and Nevada. True log focuses on using the fully rounded characteristics of each log to ensure that each home or building is a unique work of art. Logs are hand picked, scribed and notched, keeping the end-product airtight, watertight, and free of pests.

Avalon Custom Homes-

Avalon Custom Homes strives to be a full service log home provider by designing your project as well as building or managing your project. Making sure you have a clear idea about costs up front is achieved by identifying unexpected costs. Avalon has three different working plants, including one in Canada which helps keep their overhead low and in return keeping your costs down.

Duncanwoods International Log and Timber Homes Inc-

Duncanwoods International is based out of Harrison, Idaho, is an independent dealership for Footprint Log Homes, which serves customers in Idaho, Washington and Montana. Competitively priced, Duncanwoods offers milled, swedish cope and handcrafted log homes. They also offer timber framed and post and beam or a hybrid of more than one type. The log walls are pre-cut and pre-drilled and electrical chases and boxes, and window and door openings are cut to specifications. The wood species that they use are Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.

Whatever your desires are in a log home kit, there is certainly a variety of companies in Idaho to choose from who should be able to help you build your dream log home.








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