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You're on the search for available homes in Idaho City, Idaho, and we're Idaho's #1 real estate provider. Our area MLS provides house listings for not only BoiseNampa, Meridian, and Caldwell, but also the surrounding area communities that lie outside Boise's metro area. To start your search for Idaho City properties click here -search Idaho City, Idaho properties - to get started.

Idaho City, Idaho is a great place to live for several reasons. Idaho City is a distinctly unique town, which has shrunk from being the Northwest's largest city to one of the very smallest with under 500 people. Once thriving with the Boise basin gold rush during the civil war, Idaho City is now a quaint historic "ghost town" with breathtaking scenery and awesome old structures. Though Idaho City is still home to several people, and you'll find a bmx track, playground, an event center area, skate park, and a baseball field. Idaho City, Idaho is also home to the Basin Elementary School, and the Idaho City High School. Idaho City lies under 40 miles from Boise, so you won't be left without the amenities of a large city.


The best part about Idaho City is not that it is the site of an interesting and glorious past, but that it's the headquarters for awesome year round recreation. You'll enjoy eating choices and overnight accommodations as you trek through the surrounding Boise National Forest. Idaho City, Idaho is engulfed by tall, green timbers and mountains, leaving photographic opportunities as well as enough outdoor activities to keep you entertained for days and days.

Crystal clear creeks and rivers run close by, where you'll enjoy fishing and boating. Take a drive on the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Drive up to the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, where some of the world's last unspoiled and beautiful scenery lies in the world. Idaho City has four seasoned weather, creating a whole new atmosphere with each change of season. The spring boasts wonderful wildflowers and long sparkling streams and bright days. During the spring and summer, hikers can enjoy the many trails which give glimpse of all the area's wildlife.

As you can see, there's no shortage to the bounty that is Idaho City, Idaho, for residents and visitors alike. To begin your Idaho City home search, contact one of our agents today, and be well on your way to finding your dream home.

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