Idaho Vineyards and Breweries

Traveling across the country to find different brews and blends that cannot be found anywhere else can be rewarding if you know where to go. One of the places you are likely to find one of those brews or blends is within the borders of Idaho. As that might come as something of a surprise, I will share with you some of what is going on in Idaho when it comes to beer, wine, and other alcoholic options. Not everyone in Idaho is interested in beer and wine but there has been a bit of a movement in the state over the last couple of decades and that movement has resulted into a beer and wine culture that is not equaled by many other parts of the world. Bars and vineyards flourish among the landscape of Idaho is ideal for growing and producing some of the best ingredients for beer and wine. If all of this so far has been enticing for you, here is a little bit of an explanation of what is going on in Idaho when it comes to beer and wine.

To begin with, I want to talk about why Idaho is in such a great position to be producing such great products as these beers and wines. Everyone knows Idaho is an agricultural powerhouse. The potato is a staple food grown in the Idaho soil and there are miles and miles of acres of land that are just ideal for planting and raising livestock on. This also makes the state an ideal place to grow the hops so necessary for beer production and there is plenty of room and fertile soil to set up vast and quality vineyards across the state. The same conditions that make Idaho an ideal place to grow potatoes make it a similarly awesome place for a number of things that are not like a potato at all. Probably the secret ingredient that puts Idaho ahead of even some of the other agricultural states in the country is its volcanic soil. Idaho is a pretty volcanically active state (It has Craters of the Moon National Monument and even has a bit of Yellowstone National Park, so famous for its really big volcano beneath the surface of the park). Soil that has been through the wringer of volcanic activity is great for growing plants that are healthy and strong, and which grow into the ideal ingredients for the drinks you love.

So, let us have a quick conversation about beer. All of those hops in Idaho are certainly going towards a quality beverage and if you partake, you will probably want to get in on the action. A lot of the best beer options are concentrated in the Boise area and you can do some touring there to find the best atmosphere with some of the best beers available. Of course, you can also go straight to the source. As there are many bars across the state, there are also many breweries. You can get a tour of one of these breweries, some of them big and exciting and some of them small and quaint. There are few better ways to get a really good look at the beer-brewing process. There are even a bunch of beer-related events that happen in Idaho on occasion throughout the year.

Then there is beer’s cousin, wine. While both products end up with an alcohol content of more than zero percent, these two drinks do not really have that much in common. However, plenty of people that love beer also love wine and so you have something of a coexistence between the two in Idaho. The landscape is spotted with both breweries and Vineyards and you might actually find a tour of the latter to be more interesting than a tour of the former. The process of creation for beer is an exciting one but a brewery can have a lot of similarities with your basic factory. When it comes to Vineyards, you get the fascination of how wine comes into being along with a pretty view. Most Vineyards are out in the country and even when they are closer to a city or city center, the flora that comes along with a vineyard can be quite striking. So, with a tour of a vineyard you get to learn more about making wine, maybe taste test some of that wine, and also experience the views. 

Of course, we have been talking about alcohol and we had a brief mention of potatoes earlier. Naturally, you put the two together and you have one of the most famous alcoholic beverages of all time, vodka. How popular is vodka in Idaho? Well, the answer to that question is pretty obvious. With so many potatoes around to make vodka out of, the drink is extremely popular in Idaho. There are a number of different variants available and many of them are just as high of a quality as that of the beers Idaho produces.

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