Hunting Moose in Idaho

Idaho is a state full of nature and adventure. On top of being a state bursting with wildlife, it is a state well known for its great hunting scene. Ernest Hemingway even enjoyed Idaho’s hunting game back in his day. One animal that people are surprised that they can hunt in Idaho is moose. This animal resides in Northern Idaho mostly and is popular in the hunting game (source: If you are interested in hunting moose in Idaho, there are a few things you need to learn first. The following are some of the first steps to hunting moose in Idaho:

Learn how to properly hunt

Before you start, if you don’t have a hunting license and have never hunted before, you should first learn how to hunt and take a safety class. There are many courses you can take in order to learn how to do these things. It will end up being a useful skill to you and then you will be able to begin your hunting journey upon getting your hunting license. (Source:

Get a hunting license

You need to acquire a hunting license in Idaho if you want to hunt. This is pretty standard, but be sure you do it correctly and don’t miss out on the time you can get it. You need to specifically get a controlled hunt tag as well as a hunting license to hunt moose, and you need to get this tag in the month of April. According to the government of Idaho’s website, moose cannot be hunted in large amounts. They are a “’once in a lifetime’ trophy,” so you need to get a controlled hunt tag as well as a hunting license before you go out to hunt for moose (Source: You need to first get a hunting license and then get the controlled hunt tag, however, so be sure you get your license before April to allow you enough time to get your tag before you have to wait another year. You will have to find out whether or not you were drawn to get your control hunt tag or not; you will receive either your tag or a refund for the tag, depending on what happens, by the 10th of June. (Source:

Do your research

After you get your hunting license and controlled hunt tag, you need to set a date to go hunting and do your research ahead of time. You don’t want to just skim a few articles about where moose might be and how to hunt for them; you should do extensive research and find out the best calculated place to hunt for moose. According to the government of Idaho’s website, you can call the “regional Fish and Game office” to learn where the moose’s range is currently. Make sure you learn all you can about hunting moose before you plan out your expedition. (Source:

If you are excited to get started and want to learn a few beginning pointers on how to hunt moose, check out the following tips on how to begin:

Step 1: Learn of the styles and forms of moose hunting

According to, there are three strategies that you need to focus on when hunting moose: stand hunting, moose calling, and still-hunting. (Source:

In stand hunting, the hunter will use a moose stand to attract “another” moose to the hunter’s location. These are basically guaranteed to work, but the tricky part is whether or not you’ll see when it happens. So be alert and think about using this strategy or maybe one of the other three, such as moose calling. (Source:

In moose calling, you need to become pretty experienced in how to do a proper moose call. It can be hard to do and strenuous on the voice, and it is less likely to work than some of the other strategies because it depends on the moose and whether or not it is wanting to breed with another moose at that time. It will also only reach a certain range, so that is something to think about as well. (Source:

The last strategy for hunting moose is still-hunting. In still-hunting, the hunter has to wait for the moose stealthily and try to catch it off guard. This is a good technique because you can move about and don’t have to wait by a stand like in stand hunting and you don’t have to strain your voice like in moose calling. You can quietly stalk the moose and hide out at a location it is most likely to walk into, and you have the ability to move from location to location. (Source:

If you are interested in getting into the moose-hunting scene, then this article was a great resource to start your journey. There are plenty of websites and videos online that will help you improve your techniques and point you to where you need to go in order to learn how to properly hunt moose in Idaho. Have fun on your journey, and make sure to be safe and remember the strategies you learned and what steps you have to take in order to be as successful as possible.

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