How to Sell your Home in Boise, ID

Boise homeIf you're ready to sell your home in Boise, ID — make sure your place is ready for market. Follow these tips to make sure your sale goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

#1 - Remove Clutter & Depersonalize

The key to marketing a house for sale, even in Boise, ID, is to make sure that you have a generic looking interior so that buyers can envision themselves in the living space. Make sure that you have removed things like hunting trophies, special knick-knacks, pictures of relatives, and other personalizations of your home.

Additionally, make sure the house is spartan — minimal decorations also allow the buyer to picture their own things in the house. If they are able to envision it as their new home, the better off you'll be in selling your house.

#2 - Repaint

If you have accent walls or colorful bathrooms, bedrooms, or a pastel kitchen, now is the time to repaint. Just about the last thing you want for your property is to have it remembered as "the house with the fuchsia bedroom" — or "the house with the blue kitchen." Choose neutral colors for the walls when you repaint them — Eggshell, white, cream — any neutral, near-white color will do.

#3 - Check the Trimmings

You want to make the house look as close to an empty house as possible. In other words, try to make it look like no one actually lives there. This goes for the depersonalization, clutter removal, and repainting as described above, but it also goes for the exterior of your house.

Boise area homeTry to make it look like a professional caretaker tends the property, but no one actually lives there. This means you'll have to do a bit of outdoor work, including:

  • Ensuring sidewalks and driveways are free of debris, detritus, and plant life (e.g., weeds growing in the sidewalk cracks, or overgrown trim).
  • A well-mowed and maintained lawn.
  • Trim bushes all around the house.
  • Repainting any window and doorway trim. For that matter, repainting the exterior as needed to ensure a fresh look.
  • A visible house number — this is a way to impress upon the buyers that "this address could be yours" — it tends to generate enthusiasm.
  • Yellow flowers in pots or around the edge of the house. Yellow is a psychological influencer of purchasing moods.

Remember, when selling a property, you are no longer considering it your "home." Instead, think of it as a house that you have invested in, and are ready to move on. Boise, ID has beautiful properties for sale — follow these tips to insure that yours is one of them.#form-contact#

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