How to make your Boise home more valuable


There are the obvious reasons why your Idaho home's value will appreciate, things like renovations that add square footage or the remodeled kitchen. But as a house that sits on a square lot that doesn't get a makeover, what makes that house appreciate? What makes your Boise home any different than that brand new car you just bought that dropped drastically in value once you drove it off the lot?

Your home sits on dirt. Boise takes up about 68 square miles of dirt, and once that dirt is claimed, its claimed. They can keep pumping out cars, but we have all the dirt, or land, that we're going to get. Because the earth isn't expandable, certain parts of it become more and more coveted. As a result, the cost of land continually goes up. The building that rests upon that land, your Boise home, likely will naturally go up in value. Cars are as common as ever. They can build cars forever. Go buy some of that Boise land. Land can't be made.

With that part out of the way, how do you make your land and your home the most valuable? The largest things are the home's location, neighborhood and overall quality. Because you can't pick up your land and move it, we'll leave that part alone. What you can do is plenty, and here are the most profitable ones.

An updated Kitchen. People desire large work spaces in the kitchen to cook and socialize. You'll want solid surface countertops, green appliances and quality flooring. Do you have picturesque windows? Even better.

If your home is outfitted with natural materials, it will appeal to more people. Think ceramic tile, hardwood floors and granite. Linoleum should be replaced everywhere that it can be with ceramic tile or wood. Nobody wants to live with cracked linoleum and wall to wall carpeting is a thing of the past.

One quick way to boost your Boise home's value is to add curb appeal. If you can't get past the outside of the house, there's no hope for the inside of it. The lawn should be fully manicured, neat, and tidy.

The home's basement can boost your home value because of all the extra space. It's hard to turn away from a fully functional basement where one can put an office, a laundry room, or their own personal corner. If you have the time and money to transform your un-livable basement, do it.

Think storage space. It's also hard to turn away from a big garage and plentiful spacious closets. Space is big on the list for both the individual buyer.

If you're thinking of selling your Boise home, it's well worth the investment to improve your home's quality. The more money you can get out of your home, the more money you have for the down payment on your next home.

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