How to Green Up Your Boise Property

Boise HomeIf you're getting your Boise property ready for a sale, you may be wondering what are the best and easiest ways to increase its home value. As the environment has become a major concern for many people, greening up your Boise property can be one of the best and easiest value increases you can make on your place. Many owners of Boise North End homes are looking to update homes which were built 50 to 100 years ago.

But you don't have to go full solar or anything too difficult. Here are a few ways that you can make your Boise property greener while increasing your overall sale value.

#1 - Appliances

You can often ask for a bit more if you furnish your home with new appliances, and those bearing the Energy Star label are the best for keeping it green. Replace washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers with new appliances that bear the Energy Star label. Not only will this help your home sale, it will decrease your own energy costs while you wait for an offer.

#2 - Plumbing

Replace all your toilets with low-flow ones, and replace your water heater with an energy-efficient one. Some sellers, looking to advertise their Boise property as a green one, will even install aerators on all the household's faucets (this cuts water consumption in half over the course of a year).

#3 - Flooring

If you're already planning on increasing your home value by installing new flooring, go for environmentally friendly bamboo hardwood floors with formaldehyde-free glues. Bamboo has a renewable rate of of 4-6 years and uses fewer resources to cultivate (most other woods are 50-100 years).

Boise house#4 - Repainting

When you're repainting in neutral and earth tones to get your Boise property ready for sale, use paints that are labeled zero-VOC or low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). They are not any more expensive, and are sometimes even less expensive, than their high-VOC counterparts. You and your potential buyers will breathe easier and you'll be reducing smog and protecting the ozone at the same time.

#5 - Lighting

The easiest way to green up the house is to replace all your light bulbs with CFL bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Light), while still keeping the area nice and bright. CFL bulbs use 66% less energy than standard bulbs, and they last much longer than standard bulbs — some even up to 10 years. 32-watt CFL bulbs brighten the room as easily as a 100-watt standard bulb, and save money over the life of the bulb.

These five tips are the best and easiest ways to prepare your Boise property for sale — and, because you were likely to do them anyway, why not go green and add value? You'll protect your environment and your investment!


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