How To Enhance The Natural Light In Your Home



Natural light is an appealing aspect for most rooms. The more warm natural light that a room has, the more popular it is, so it’s no wonder that people are constantly seeking ways to increase or just boost the amount of natural light in their homes. Here are a few ways to make your home seem brighter and filled with more light.

Firstly, adding more windows is a guaranteed way to increase the amount of light in your home. If there are more places for light to come through, the brighter it will be. This, unfortunately, can be expensive and may not be the way that you want to go. However, another, slightly less expensive version of this method is the installation of window doors or even sliding glass doors. These doors allow the rooms to stay separate while letting much more light into the home. There are even many of these glass doors made with beveled glass to increase privacy.

Another way to take advantage of the light that you already have is to use color. The lighter the walls are in your home, the brighter it will feel. So, if there is an opportunity to paint the walls in your home, consider using whites, off whites, yellows, light blues, or any other light color to utilize the sun's rays you you already have. It also helps to paint your ceiling a lighter color than the other walls, that way the natural light will be coming from above, like it would naturally.

The way that the windows are covered can also affect the way that the light comes into a room. Thick drapes will not do well for letting light in, but sheer, translucent curtains will. Even darker translucent curtains will limit the amount of light that will be able to come in. So, when decorating your home, be sure to find thin, light colored curtains that will accentuate the windows and let the maximum amount of light in while still maintaining privacy. Blinds fall into this category as well. Light colored blinds will help to reflect the natural light into the room.

The furnishings you choose to put in your home also will dictate how bright your room will feel. Dark colored furniture and appliances will absorb the light and make the room seem as dim. So look for light colored couches, cabinets, and appliances.

Your floor can also be a good tool to reflect your lighting. For instance, dark hard wood, tile, or linoleum can do the same as your appliances. It would be better to get hardwood, tile, or linoleum in lighter shades and then light will be gently reflected upwards. Carpet does the same thing, so if you have the choice or means to replace your carpet with lighter colors it can greatly add to the brightness of the room. If you can't replace the carpet or kitchen floors, rugs can be an economical replacement. Whether it’s an area rug or a runner, you can buy ones with lighter colors to help make the room brighter.

Mirrors are another great decorating tactic to make a room look brighter. Since mirrors reflect it will extend the light from the window to reach the rest of the room. Mirrors are stylish and functional as well, so no matter what type you buy it will not waste your wall space. The same effect can be obtained by using the glass of a framed picture. So, If you don't like the idea of having a mirror on your wall, you can hang a picture with a shiny glass front.

The next options are skylights and tube lights. Either option will allow much more light to enter the room, especially during months where the sun is directly overhead. There are, however, distinct differences between skylights and tube lights. Skylights are literally just a window in the ceiling so it only lets in direct light which can be hard on the eyes. Not to mention the amount of light that comes through them changes as the day goes on and the sun goes down. Tube lights, on the other hand, offer diffused light, which is easier on the eyes. The tube lights are also domed at the top, so no matter where the sun is, it can send more light into the room at any given time of day.

Centering activity around the windows will also help boost the feeling of brightness in the room. If couches and other seating areas are facing away from the window, you and your visitors won't be able to take advantage of the incoming sunlight. So do some rearranging and you might be surprised the difference it can make.

These are only a few of the many things that can be done to make a dim room seem brighter. Experiment with different colors and methods until you find something that works for you and your home.

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