How to do a Final Walkthrough


So you are about to close on your home, how exciting! However, you can't get too excited yet, you need to continue to think carefully and rationally (your Hughes Group agentwill definately be very helpful here). The final walkthrough is a necessary step in home buying where the prospective buyers make sure that the house is in the condition they expect, including all agreed upon repairs being taken care of, before they close on the house. We'll give you a list of can't-miss final walkthrough steps, so you will be ready.

1. Don't get distracted.You need to take your time and go over everything very carefully, so don't start discussing what color of drapes you want.

2. Check all appliances.

3. Run the furnace and air conditionerand see that they work well.

4. See that the owner hasn't taken anythingthey shouldn't have or left anything they weren't supposed to, including trash.

5. Look at the floor, ceiling, walls.And you will want to make sure the movers haven't damaged anything.

6. Carefully go over the bathroom.Flush the toilet, run the shower, and flush the toilet with the shower running and see if the temperature changes. Watch for mold.

7. Move the garage door up and down and to make sure it is smooth. Have a look at the rest of the garage.

interior_bathroom17_sm_300_018. Turn on the sprinklers, and see that the outside of the home is in good shape, with no pests, flooding, or anything else.

9. Go in the attic and look around.

10. Open and close all doors and windows. Test the outlets as you go.

11. Turn on all faucets, looking under the sinks for leaks.

12. Carefully inspect everything else.

The 12th step is probably the most important, because it's impossible to share everything you need to do as each house has different ins and outs. Bring another pair of eyes and take your time. If you find anything major, talk to your Realtor and see that you don't close until the problem is taken care of. A good final walk through assures the soon-to-be home buyer that there will be no surprises and that the first days in your home will be spent your new place, not worrying or making repairs, so it's worth your effort. The Hughes Group and don't want you to buy a home unless you absolutely love it and the final walkthrough is just one of the ways to assure happens.

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