How to Create a Google+ Account

Google Plus

Google+ is great social media tool. With the introduction of Google+ Communities, many people have been left wondering how to become a part of this blossoming social network.

In order to help those wishing to participate, we have put together this infographic explaining how someone with an existing Gmail e-mail address can make the free, quick, and easy upgrade of adding Google+ to their account.

Google+ Corner Icon

Already have a Gmail?
Click the +You Icon
Top Left Corner

Complete your profile information.
Note Google does not allow changing your name, gender or birthdate later.

Google+ Profile

Optional: Add People from your contacts to your Google+ Circles.
Optional: Join Groups on the Next Page
Suggested: Join The Official G+ Idaho Real Estate Community

Google+ Friends

Suggested: Add a picture so friends can recognize you
Add information for them to find you by.

Google+ Profile Continued

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