How Internet Real Estate Has Changed the Game


Change is the one constant and real estate is rapidly evolving in the face of technology and market happenings. No one wants to or can afford to be out-of-date in business or anything else, and a real estate agent in today's world can't provide the best service possible unless they use all that technology offers. The Hughes Group is Idaho's leading real estate team with a very strong web focus, which provides many benefits to their customers; we know that almost everyone uses the internet when buying real estate (80% or more) and we make sure to stay ahead of the curve. We'll discuss how being a good real estate agent in Idaho is different today than it used to be.

Buyer Home Search

In the olden days, buyers searched for homes by driving around to different neighborhoods and looking at for sale signs. Their agent would show them some properties that they knew of in the buyer's price range and eventually the buyer would narrow down their priorities and find a home. Now, the market is very competitive, and you can't take your time. You need to be prepared to act quickly. and your Hughes Group real estate agent in Boise, Idaho will be the way that you stay on top of this fast-moving market--you'll see homes on the internet the day they hit the market. You can do a search perfectly suited for your housing preference--from location and number of bedrooms to lot size--and your agent will let you know if any homes that would be great for you become available. This is a huge advantage not only in being competitive as a buyer, but also in making sure you get the right home for you.

Selling Your Home

house_for_sale3_sm_300Selling your home without using a real estate agent in the Hughes Group would be a huge mistake. It's vital that sellers market their home as much as possible, buyers are searching for homes on the internet, and the Hughes Group is the leader at buying, marketing, and selling homes using the world wide web. We guarantee a strong internet marketing plan for all sellers that we work with. It helps that buyers looking at your property will see that you're connected with a great internet real estate team. You can also ensure that your price is competitive with recommendations from your agent and by comparing similar properties in the area. Clearly, the internet is not your enemy, it's your best friend.

All the Rest

A Hughes Group real estate agent in Boise will use technology in a variety of seen and unseen ways to make your real estate experience a success. Most importantly, Hughes Group agents know the importance of staying constantly connected through the phone and internet with their clients to field questions of any kind. They could write you up a contract with an app on their iphone or ipad, just another thing to give you an edge in a fast-moving world. The internet and world of technology allow agents to keep up in a host of ways that traditional agents aren't able to. Don't get stuck with an old-school Realtor that thinks today is the same as 2000, it's not, it's a new world--stay with it!

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