How good is the Idaho cost of living?

As you consider moving many factors will contribute to your decision—are you looking at Idaho real estate? Well, we hope this information will help you decide!

Bald Mountain, IdahoIdaho is a beautiful, breathtaking, majestic, and historic Northwestern state with picturesque cities and some of the most coveted real estate in the United States.  It’s a warm, friendly, welcoming place that will make you happy to be home.  The next step you take, should you choose to move to Idaho, will be exciting and adventurous for everyone.

Even so, you still have other factors weighing on your mind before you ultimately make the decision to move to Idaho.  In these tough times of economic uncertainty, probably one of the factors in the forefront of your mind when considering a move to Idaho from another state is – how good is the Idaho cost of living?

Downtown BoiseWell, you may not be used to hearing this these days, but as far as the Idaho cost of living goes, there is good news!  Based on average housing costs, utilities, health care, transportation, groceries and other services, Idaho’s cost of living is the lowest of the 11 western states. Various sources contributed to this average monthly cost breakdown (obviously varies depending on size and interests): food and drink: $400, getting around: $200, House and Home maintenance and upkeep: $200, Shopping: $500, Health and Miscellaneous: $400, Travel and Leisure: $200. An average mortgage in Boise is approximately $981 monthly. Total cost of living comes to about $2881/month. Remember these numbers are approximated. Your individual costs may be significantly higher or lower depending on your needs, but you can rest assured that you will do well in Boise.   

Such statistics should give you a reason to breathe easier and put your mind at ease.  With that knowledge, and the knowledge of the wonder, beauty, and majesty that encompasses Idaho and makes it a historic, sought-after area to live in, perhaps your decision to move to Idaho isn’t so difficult after all. Check out our Idaho Foreclosures listings for some great prospects.

Kevin Hughes

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