How about that Yard?

Gorgeous Flowers

We all know that taking care of our Idaho homes, and especially the yard can take loads of time. Thank goodness its time well spent as it usually helps to pull up the resale value. Anyone who has a pond or water feature discovers pretty quickly that regular maintenance is necessary. Additionally, lawns need weekly trimming and plants need watering and fertilizing. It is possible, however, for homeowners to create a backyard landscape that is both low maintenance and aesthetically appealing. The following backyard landscaping ideas will enable you to spend more time relaxing in your yard and less time working.


The grass in the backyard typically requires a great deal of water, fertilizer, effort and time. For a lawn that is deep green in color with no weed growth consider growing clover in your yard. Clover is resistant to drought, cost effective and aesthetically appealing. It is also easy and comfortable under bare feet. Grass that is left without any care becomes unsightly and requires a great deal of time, effort and money to repair. However, clover can be left unattended for extended periods of time and still look beautiful. It grows well in both shade and full sun.

Plant Life

Look for plants that are native to Idaho because they will require less effort to keep them thriving and they will be acclimated to the soil and weather. Whenever possible, plant evergreen foliage as a backdrop. Evergreen plants are relatively strong and stay vibrant all year. It is usually best to take a look around your community to find what others are planting. This will clue you in to which plants have passed the test of time.

Flowers can be planted in a backyard of your home to add instant color. Most plants will require some maintenance so be sure to choose plant life that needs minimal care. Self spreading wildflowers are particularly effective at adding beauty with little effort. They prevent weeds from growing and the erosion of soil. Native wildflowers will also attract natural wildlife such as butterflies and birds. These plants cost less than nursery flowers, do well in droughts and are not as prone to damage from insects. They also grow and multiply quickly.

Beautiful Rock FeaturesRock Gardens

Putting together a rock garden enables individuals to incorporate simple, low maintenance landscaping elements into their backyards. They are especially nice in the hot summer days in Boise. Rather than spending your days watering and keeping up with the  yard- you can hit the lake! Choose several boulders for you rock garden and position them aesthetically in your yard. Decide on the size and shape of the rock garden desired. Use a shovel to dig out a shallow trench for the rocks. Place the rocks into the trench, leaving small spaces between each of them. Plant eco-friendly, low maintenance, native plants into the spaces such as wild thyme and blue moor grass. Over time, moss will develop on the rocks, making them appear to be there naturally.

Decorative Art

Lawn art and sculptures can also be added to create an even stronger aesthetic dimension to your home. These artistic features need almost no effort to maintain. Sculptures are available in various sizes, shapes and materials. Consider adding such elements as: wind socks, angels, pond birds, wind chimes and other decorative pieces.
Making your home in Idaho is more than just signing a few papers and unpacking the moving boxes. Its about enjoying the journey and the time you put in to making your house a home. After you have fine-tuned the yard to perfection- pull out the lawn chairs, grab some frosty cold drinks and kick back in your own back yard paradise!

Kevin Hughes

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