Hot Interior Trends 2012


Every year trends change.  It can be very fun to be up-to-date.  In addition to being entertaining, knowing what’s “in” can make your home more saleable and give you an idea of how you want to decorate your house.  Having a home to personalize is one of the biggest advantages to owning your own Boise home.  Here’s what is trendy this year:

Boise Color Favorites

Boise is very closeto nature.  This doesn't have to stay outside your Boise home; many are learning to decorate with natural colors, accessories, and more.  Organic creams, browns, tans, blues, and greens can make your home wonderful and blur the line between inside and outside.  “Being green” is in nearly everywhere , as you know.  In addition to the outdoor-style, popular colors in fashion make their way into the home.  Bright colors are found on so much of the clothing you would find in the local Boise Towne Square Mall.  Pantone, the esteemed color experts, chose tangerine--a bright orange color--as their color of the year.  That shade, along with coral, another favorite, and other bright colors are sure to be year-round hits.

Adjust with Boise’s Seasons

interior_living_room12_sm_300You are living in a four-season climate.  Why have a house set up for winter when it’s summer?  Experts suggest a great way to make seasonal interior decorating changes: use a strong color in a variety of secondary ways.  Don’t repaint, but add in a blanket, window covers, and photos highlighting a favorite color.  Changing the art in your Boise home can be one of the most fun ways to play with the seasons.  There are additional knick-knacks, like holiday decorations, that align your home with what’s going on that time of year.

Personalize your Boise Home

No matter what anyonesays, you should go with what you like best.  So, if you love the beach, use seashells in the bathroom, beach tones on the walls, and pictures in some rooms.  Even professionals appreciate individualization.  No one wants to see another catalogue room in a Boise home.  To that effect, many are stepping away from traditionally color-coded rooms and houses and mixing-and-matching instead.  You want people to come in your home and think “this is totally you.”  Go off on a limb; that’s how fashion gets started anyway!

Why live where you can’t freely express yourself?  A house is yours and can be the ultimate adjustable living space.  Realtors aren't interior decorators, but they can help you find a house that meets your interior and exterior designing expectations.  Boise homes have their own style that you will want to play with.  Sell your home by adding a bit of color and pizzazz.  Be with the times in your own way and let real estate help you do so.

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