Hot! Hot! Hot! Idaho Geothermal Hot Springs

River in Eastern IdahoThe hot springs in Eastern Idaho are some of the most popular places to get away from everyday life, even if you don't live in the area.  There are two types of hot springs; public and commercial natural hot springs.  The public springs are on land that is considered to be public  such as the national forest area.  They are more rustic and provide a wilderness type of environment to soak in.  Though they are more natural in appearance, there have been many modern improvements made to the areas over the years.  The commercials springs all lie on private land and have facilities nearby with added features.  These springs have a fee required in order to gain access.

Many Hot Springs are located near a river and have camping facilities located nearby. Eastern Idaho has over 130 of the more than 200 hot springs in the state of Idaho.  The geothermal water has a variety of temperatures based on the pool due to heating from the earth’s crust and most of the pools are naturally formed.  Visiting the springs is a great way to enjoy time away from work and other aspects of everyday life.

Beautiful view available from an Idaho Hot SpringSome of the more popular hot springs in Eastern Idaho are:

-   Lava Hot Springs
-   Maple Grove Hot Springs
-   Bonneville Hot Springs
-   Baumgartner Hot Springs

There are many more hot springs and each has some benefits to call its own. 

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