Horseback Riding in Idaho

Humanity has gone through several modes of travel over the years. Right now, the most modern way to travel is by airplane, but we still use plenty of cars and even ships are occasionally used for transportation, but that is mostly just for fun (Lots of products get shipped from place to place but very few people in modern countries use boats as a way to get somewhere far away). Of course, public transportation options such as trains and buses are very popular, but there is one mode of travel that has been used by humanity since the very dawn of time. We do not use this method of travel much anymore because there are better and faster ways, but it is still hanging around, as a curiosity and even sometimes as a real way of getting around. What I am speaking of is, of course, the horse. The horse has almost always been there for humans, getting us from place to place. The horse is a loyal companion that has fallen out of favor in recent decades, but Idaho is still a good place to find them and there is still a lot of fun to be had riding one around. Here is one of the best ways to do that and some fun and important considerations for it.

Luckily, you do not have to own a horse if you want to ride one. It may be that you really want to own one, but it also could be you’re your want is simply just a momentary fixation that would disappear if you got what you wanted. So, rather than spend a lot of money on a horse and the materials and equipment to keep it alive and comfortable, you may consider going to one of the many places that will let you do some horseback riding. There are a couple options here and not all of them are as lame as you might think. Maybe some people would not be satisfied by a roadside business letting people ride a horse for a few minutes in a circle and maybe some people would be satisfied with that. Either way, that is not the limit of what you can do. For example, you can go on certain hiking trails in Idaho where instead of hiking you get to ride on the back of a horse. I have personally done something similar and it was quite a bit of fun. However, that might still not be enough for some. There are also horse-riding outfits that will provide more extensive journeys such as camping trips or more advanced day hikes. It is up to how much you want to do and how much you are willing to pay. Camping is a lot of fun. Camping while bringing everything to survive on the back of a horse adds a whole different dimension to the experience.

How do you ride a horse? The way you get a horse to go where you want it to is a mixture of voice commands, rein movements, and foot movements. Further, your own mood can have a kind of sway over your horse’s personality and behavior while you are riding it. Obviously, it cannot read your mind, but you do not keep your mood in your mind alone. If you are feeling a certain way (Scared, for example) you sit differently and grip the reins different and the horse will notice these things and act differently. Part of being a good rider is paying attention to this and adjusting for it. For a more detailed guide on how to ride a horse, I recommend going to a professional near you and getting the lowdown from them, hopefully with a horse as an example. Lastly, remember that a horse is an animal and not a metal automaton like a car and therefore you should do your best to treat it well and keep good care of it. If you find yourself owning a horse or given a lot of freedom with someone else’s horse, do not ride it too hard or too fast for too long and do not abuse it. 

There is another reason that you should remember that a horse is an animal. Horses are about as domesticated as an animal can get but there are certain things they can do that can be dangerous to you. Naturally, they are not going to attack you like some kind of predator but there are things to look out for. For example, if a horse is startled, it can throw you off and from the saddle to the ground is a long way. You need to be aware of what might spook your horse and how to stay in the saddle or escape gracefully if your horse cannot be controlled. Similarly, horses are known to kick at things that are behind them. It is a defense mechanism and is not always something a horse really thinks about (As much as a horse thinks at all). If a horse does not expect you to be behind it and suddenly it realizes you are there, it might think you are one of its natural predators and ancient instincts will kick in. Horses do not have light kicks. Following the proper procedure when going behind a horse is ideal. Under the right circumstances, it still might kick, but you may lower the chances of that.

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