Home Inspection... the Next Best Step!

It’s easy for buyers to be swept up in the excitement of purchasing a house. Buyers find that seemingly perfect Idaho home... then walk through room by room picturing their furniture in the space. Then Buyers often eagerly sign the paperwork required to make it a reality. There are at least ten good reasons for the next step in the home buying process to be-  a thorough home inspection completed prior to finalizing the purchase:

1. Real estate is a significant investment
Few Americans put as much money in savings, stocks, or other accounts each month as they do toward paying for their homes. Most new homeowners simply can’t afford to have their investment turn out to be a bad one- for those who risk getting stuck with a money pit of repairs, it can be financially devastating.

2. It’s difficult to be objective about buying a home without having an inspection completed.
The sellers, mortgage company, and real estate agents all have a financial stake in the sale of the house. Buyers are often emotionally invested in finding their dream home. A home inspector is a disinterested third party who can keep the buyers’ dreams in line with the reality of home ownership.

3. Home inspectors offer professional expertise
Home inspectors receive extensive training so that they are aware of potential problem areas of a home to inspect and the best way to evaluate the state of a home and predict future repair needs. Most house buyers lack this level of knowledge.

4. Home inspectors can perform tests for household hazards, like lead paint, radon, and carbon monoxide.
5. Home inspectors can check doors, windows, and other items so buyers can anticipate replacement costs.

6. House inspectors know where to look for termites, mold, rot, and other hidden weaknesses.

7. Home inspectors can compare the house’s electrical system against current safety standards.

8. They can assess plumbing and/or septic systems for functionality.

9. They can evaluate heating and cooling systems, including duct work and fireplaces.

10. Home inspectors can carefully examine the house exterior, such as roofing and siding.

Home inspectors usually provide a summary report to the buyer, identifying any major or minor concerns. If serious problems are noted, the buyer can use it to request that the seller either complete the repairs prior to purchase or that the purchase price will be lowered. The buyer may also decide that the house is not the right investment for them. If only minor concerns come to light with the inspection, the buyer can use the summary report as a starting point for small projects and repairs that they will undertake after they own the house.

A buyer would be wise to request a professional home inspection before purchasing any real estate with a structure or home. In most communities there are a variety of inspectors and inspection companies available for the home buyer to choose from.

Kevin Hughes

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