Hiking to The Table Rock!

Looking at the FoothillsBoiseans don't have to make the difficult choice between nature and city; we can have it all! Table Rock, a great escape to nature is practically in our backyard and make for a perfect day hike.
Table Rock is a mountain pillar, just on the outskirts of Boise city limits. This close proximity gives individuals the benefits of living in an urban area combined with easy access to nature walks and hiking.

Hiking Table Rock
Table Rock is part of the Rocky Mountain foothills. From it's relatively flat summit, hikers get a view of Treasure Valley, Owhyee Mountains and the Boise foothills.
The trail system is well maintained and though it is a bit of a hike, it is not challenging or dangerous. There used to be a road that allowed people to drive all the way to the summit so that visitors could get the view without the hike. However, there is now a gate about a quarter of a mile from the summit so at the most vistors would have a short hike. There are several different trails that visitors can take to the top. All of these trails are a steady uphill climb but well marked. Hiking is allowed all year round, however, its climate is 'high desert plain' and July and August are the most difficult times to make this hike. The temperature during these months can top 100 degrees so hikers should take that into account if they are going to attempt these trails.
The summit is closed every night from 9 to 10- but is otherwise always open to the public. There are no camp grounds at the summit. However, there are plenty of hotels near the trailhead making this an ideal day hike for visitors to Boise.

Hiking the Trail
Living Near Table Rock
Those looking at property in Idaho might be interested in actually living on the lower slopes of Table Rock. Currently, there are housing developments on the western and southern lower slopes and a new development has been approved for the eastern slope. These properties are in the 83712 zip code. The average home value for this zip code in 2009 was $325,505. However, average listed price of houses offered in this zip code, also know as the east end, are averaging $419,821 as of 2011.

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