High Maintenance Pets

Everyone loves pets. To have something around that relies on you and loves you unconditionally despite all your many flaws and even though you do not think you deserve it is a wonderful thing and not many other experiences in life can compare to it. But some animals simply do not always make the best pets. For some, as much as you might want a particular animal to be your live-in best friend, it is simply not a good idea. Whether they are too dangerous, too messy, or happen to be an invasive species (Or any other reason) having one around your home can cause a lot of problems. The worst part of this is that some of these animals are really cute and nice and might look like very desirable pets from the outside. However, if you take them in, they may unintentionally cause you grief and trouble. So, in order to possibly save you from unnecessary grief and trouble, here are some of the animals that you might think would make excellent pets though have extra special considerations when it comes to care and attention.

Almost everyone loves pigs. Either you love them because they are neat animals and can look cute when they are young, or you love them because they can turn into some delicious foods like bacon and ham. So, generally, it can be agreed that pigs are a cool animal and are great to have around. However, as much as you might like to have one as a pet and as much as many different people have tried, it is not always a good idea. Pigs do not make the greatest of pets depending on the circumstances. When they are tiny and small, and you get one of the kinds of pig that do not get so big like a teacup pig, a pig can be neat to have around, and they are oh so cute. However, all pigs must grow up and that is a process that tends to make them into terrible pets. They are incredibly messy and are just a pain to have to deal with. Unless you have a particular living circumstance and you are a farmer or rancher of some kind, a pig is predominately going to get in the way and cause trouble. 

Another animal that requires a lot of attention, care, and proper exercise. Horses are very useful animals. They used to be even more useful before the invention of the automobile and the mechanical train, but they still have their uses in the modern-day. People also tend to be drawn to the idea of owning a horse when they are little. Horses are cool and majestic animals but unless you have the facilities set up to care for them and put them to work, a horse is a terrible pet. First of all, they are massive. Unless you actually get a true pony, a horse can be three or four times bigger than the average person and ponies can even be pretty big. This means they need a lot of room to live in and a lot of room to roam around. Anything otherwise, that may leave you with an unhappy animal.

From here on I want to get into categories, rather than, specific species of animal that do not make good pets. It might be pretty obvious, but you will want to stay away from wild animals as pets. However, you might still be thinking that you can get away with a domesticated wild animal. Maybe you want a wolf that was born in human captivity and never knew the wild. After all, wolves are cool and exciting animals. What person does not want a wolf as a companion and defender? Well, even when they are born by human hands, wolves are not the tamest of animals. Many of the wilder animals in existence tend to hold on to their natural instincts, even when they have never seen a harsh winter or been taught by their wild family to behave in a natural way. It is more a thing of genetics than what they are taught.

The second category I want to educate you about is a little outlandish but is important enough that it is worth covering. You never want a pet that is an invasive species. You might be saying: of course I would not get a pet that belonged to an invasive species. The answer to that question might surprise you. Humans tend to bring all kinds of animals with them when they go to new places and those animals tend not to belong there. This can cause a cascade of problems that came from good intentions. You might think that an invasive species would not make for an enticing pet, but they do not have to come in the form of a weird looking insect or something undesirable seeming. An invasive species is just one that has too easy a time surviving in the environment you put it in and making drastic ecological changes.

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