Hidden Gems of Idaho: Beautiful Small City Living


There are many who search the web for property in Idaho, which is quite a broad set of terms. It's a broad set of terms whose words act like a sponge, each one absorbed with various possibilities. The word Idaho itself connotes images such as broad flat plains, hills, valleys, mountain ranges, miles of river, tall evergreens, clear skies, snow, lakes...wildlife. Among Idaho's vast rich resources, recreation, and scenic beauty lies several hidden gems, these small cities and towns that dot the countryside, who seem to tuck themselves behind large peaks and below valleys, attempting to stay hidden and unspoiled.

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There's available homes, vacation homes, second homes, investment homes, and getaway homes tucked within these wonderful, often overlooked or unknown cities that you may not have considered.

Ketchum, Idaho is a tucked away town with about 3,000 people, located in the same valley as the more famous Sun Valley, where views of Bald Mountain lie right outside your back door, with its world-famous skiing. Ketchum isn't short on fishing, hiking, trail riding, or boating. For your own piece of the old west and beautiful, unique views, Ketchum is a destination largely unknown to the world, which you might like just fine. It's also home to the famous Ernest Hemingway. To his grave, anyway.

Idaho City, Idaho is one of Idaho's greatest "ghost towns" with a rich history full of fascinating tales. Your ultimate source of small town living, Idaho City boasts 490 people! Idaho City is your premier boom town, once flourishing as the largest city in the northwestern United States during the Civil War, when the Boise Basin gold rush was in full swing. These days, Idaho City thrives off of hunting and fishing tourism and visits to the many historic buildings. Idaho City residents enjoy this quiet, outdoor existence with close proximity to the many amenities of Boise.

Cascade, Idaho has just under 1,000 people, who live amongst tall evergreens on the shores of Lake Cascade. Residents of Cascade enjoy beautiful views and proximity to the Boise National Forest. Lake Cascade has perch, trout, smallmouth bass, kokanee, and Coho salmon, and not to mention beautiful seasons of ice fishing. Residents of Cascade are near the cities of McCall and Donnelly.

If you're looking for places to buy your next primary residence, vacation home, or a place to invest, these small Idaho gems are perfect places to consider. Though, this being just a touch of what Idaho has to offer, you may look into McCall, New Meadows, Marsing, Horseshoe Bend, Island Park, Lowman, Melba, and Weiser. If it's Idaho you want, we can get it for you.

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