Has Your Move Got You Pulling Your Hair Out?

Your Future Home

Nothing seems to compare with the stress of a big move. It is so overwhelming. As nice as it would be to empty out a few boxes, kick up your feet, and enjoy your new Idaho home, that isn't quite what lies ahead. In order to make sure that all of those loose ends get tied up after your move we've provided a simple check list to make your life easier. Missing just a few of these things can turn into a huge headache later, not to mention it becoming extremely costly, and could even land you in jail! So in a not so round-about-way, put your feet down, pick up the phone, computer, and whatever else you might need, and complete your move!

Here are 10 things to address when moving into a new property:Change your address with the United States Postal Service. If you forget to change your address or put it off too long, you could end up not receiving important mail. This can turn into quite a nightmare when the repo-man shows up to pick up your vehicle, or the electric company turns off your lights. If you haven't moved yet, but are certain of the new address you will be moving to, you might even consider taking care of this before your move to save complications later.
Notify subscription servicesthat you have moved. After all, you don't want the next occupant reading your all of your magazines and newspapers!
Change your address with the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles. The law says you have just ten days from the day you move to get this done. 
Contact utility companies and notify them that you have moved. The next occupant might just not notice that he or she is receiving free water, electric, or gas.
Be sure to notify others of your new address. This can especially be important in the event of an emergency. Not only that but also let them not how great your new home is in beautiful Boise, Idaho.
Don't forget the small stuff! Hopefully you made an inventory list if you were assisted by professional movers. Check it over as soon as you can to verify that you have received everything.
Check your new yard outwell before allowing pets to play unattended. You never know what trouble they might fall into.
Clean counters, cabinets, and bathrooms well before use. The previous occupant might have used harsh chemicals or insecticide that could be dangerous.Inspecting the InteriorMeet your neighbors. It's always a good idea to meet people in your new area for added security along with new friendships.
Do a final inspection of your new home within twenty-four hours to be sure that the property is acceptable.

Once you finish this list THEN you can put your feet up, relax properly, and enjoy your new home!

Kevin Hughes

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