Great Trails Near Boise

Idaho offers some of the most amazing trails in the Northwest. There are trails for hiking, trails for mountain biking, trails for skiing, trails for running. You name it there are trails for it. Here are a few that you might want to try out that are close to Boise, Idaho.

Table Rock

Located in the historical part of downtown Boise, next to the Old Penitentiary is the Table Rock Hike. This hike is for walking or running and is a great 3.2 miles in length. There are many reasons why one would like this hike. One, it is the ideal length for hikers that only hike occasionally. Two, it has a great overlook of downtown Boise at the top of the hike. Three, it is an easy hike despite the steep climb. There is even the option to loop around to Table Rock Pit by going down the backside to explore the cliffs as well as some boulders.

Hulls Gulch Trail/Interpretive Trail

If you are looking for a good hike that takes you into nature but is close to the city, Hulls Gulch is the ideal hike. The trail begins at Foothills Learning Center which is located on 8th Street. The trail then continues to follow a creek allowing for a really mellow grade to start. You will find the trail is well marked and easy to follow. Along the trail of Lower Gulch, you will find a bridge. Once you reach the bridge you are able to choose two options. The first option is you can head back the way you came or the second option is you can continue on the trail to the Gulch interpretive trail.

If you decide to continue onto the interpretive trail you will continue 7 more miles but it offers a large dose of serenity as well as nature. After following the creek, continue up the canyon leading to the upper foothills.

Five Mile Gulch

Just off Rocky Canyon Road is the magical scenic Five Mile trail. You won’t find much traffic even though it is a popular trail. Starting at the lower part which is one point four miles each direction, will lead you along the creek. Going back and forth across the creek three or four times you will come to a fork in the road that is marked well. At which, point you can turn back and go back to the car or you can go up the steep trail for 1.5 more miles until you reach Ridge Road. Along with this hike, you will find solitude as well as fantastic views.

Castle Rock

This 2-mile hike is known by many names, some know it by Castle Rock, some know it by Shoshone Bannock Tribes. It is a sweet short hike and is just off Warm Springs by the Old Penitentiary. You can follow the quick trail which ends with an excellent overlook. Most everyone will get a kick out of climbing the rocks.

Elephant Rock

If you are searching for a short half a mile, non-steep hike, Elephant hike is the ideal destination. Not only is it not steep but it offers a unique sandstone boulder in which looks like an elephant. Everyone will have a blast climbing up the rock. For those that want a little longer of a hike, you can add Cottonwood creek trail onto the short half a mile hike.

Dry Creek

Dry Creek is a 14-mile hike, (both directions) that is ideal during the summer months. You will find the beginning of the trail in the middle of the hillsides within a rugged canyon that goes up to the shaded forests. The many creeks that you will cross offer amazing opportunities to cool off by dunking your head or just simply splashing your face with the water. Several people only do the lower Dry Creek that takes you out and then back. For those more experienced hikers, you can climb the 2,000 feet to the Shingle Creek and loop back around to finish.

Stack Rock

If you are searching for a day hike, Stack Rock is the perfect hike for you. It is considered an intermediate level and offers a great deal of shade over its nine-mile course. Going along Bogus Basin Road, you will find the trail approximately thirteen miles from the bottom of the road. There will be a pull out on the side of the road to the left. The trail goes all the way to Stack rock which is an impressive granite tower, which allows you to view Horseshoe bend, Treasure Valley and much more, from a 360 degree. The hike itself is a mostly flat and non-strenuous hike but due to the length, it is not for beginner hikers.

Box Canyon

If you want views worth checking out over and over you can visit the Box Canyon Waterfall. You will find this waterfall off a hiking trail that is located close to Wendall. Wendall is a short hour and a half drive from Boise. Close to Wendall, you will find the State Park called Box Canyon. In Box Canyon, you can (if you are willing to search for it) find the hidden mystery. The first thing you will need to do is find an unsuspicious part of farmland. Inside that farmland will be a canyon. Upon locating the canyon, you can follow the really sloppy trail which leads to the bed of the canyon. Going further down to the wooden platform you will find the most amazing crystal blue spring water that comes from the waterfall.

Eagle Canyon

Who is afraid of a little nine-mile hike? Well if you are then I do not recommend this hike. This hidden canyon is the closest location to Boise and you will have to test your extreme navigation skills as there are no markers along the trail but the view of the amazing waterfall is well worth the hike down the canyon. Come to enjoy the great hidden gem.

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