Granite in the kitchen or the jetted tub? How to prioritize your “wish list”

No matter if they live in Idaho or across the country, homeowners
always seem to have an endless list of to-do items or improvement goals. When working with a budget, how do you prioritize which areas to focus your attention on first within your home?

 A Wish List as a Preliminary Step

One of the first steps to take to guide a prospective home buyer who is shopping for property real estate, is to make a "wish list" of the most important features desirable in a home.

When people are ready to buy a home in the real estate market, having a detailed, ready-made wish list will not only serve as a handy reminder of the things they want to check out as they view each property, but also will be of great assistance to their realtor, who may be able to point out features of the home applicable to their list.


 Decision Making Begins with the Buyer's Preferences

Naturally, before buyers set out on their journey from home to home, they have to decide upon a neighborhood that appeals to them, so as to narrow down the choices of which homes for sale should be seen first.  The wish list may extend to what the buyers are looking for in a neighborhood, such as public transportation.

Once the neighborhood is decided, a wish list covering the interior features of a home might be appropriate.  One way to do this that has worked well for people shopping for property is to categorize items on the list as either "must have" or "would like to have."

Some people want a pool, a great room, an eat-in kitchen, and an attic.  While it may take a long time to get started seeing homes if all of these are "must have" items, a more flexible listing would expedite the process and possibly leading to an ideal home.

What are some of the other features most commonly listed by home buyers on their "wish list"?  The following is a sampling of items to consider prioritizing for your home:

  • hardwood floors
  • spa in the bathroom
  • wall-to-wall carpets
  • fireplace
  • a view
  • formal dining room
  • patio and deck
  • swimming pool
  • guest bedroom
  • basement
  • laundry room
  • air conditioning

These projects can become quite extensive.  This is why realistic prioritizing is so important.  First-time home buyers especially tend to be more idealistic and want everything to be perfect in their first home.  When the excitement of seeing potential homes begins, having a realistic wish list for easy reference can be a wonderful aid in making a secure decision.

Whether its stainless steel appliances, earth friendly building materials, or walk-in closets, the home buyers should keep their wish list handy at all times.  The search for the home will be very emotional and full of happiness and surprises.  Therefore, a calm moment prior to the beginning of the search is the best time to reflect and write down the prioritized wish list that will guide a buyer to the right decision in their purchase of a home.

Kevin Hughes

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