How to Leverage Google Hangouts for your Business


Advances in technology are continually helping business professionals do their job more efficiently, and Google+ Hangouts are one of the latest technology tools we've integrated into our business to reach out to clients in an unprecedented way. In fact, President Obama first used Google+ Hangouts in the first all-digital interview from the White House last January.

Google+ and it's suite of productivity tools are simple ways that business professionals can harness today's technology to better their business. Communication is vital to an agent's success, and Hangouts are a superior communication tool that can enable easy communication when time is of the essence.

What is a Google+ Hangout?


Hangouts are a video chat service provided by Google+ that allows up to nine different users to video conference simultaneously. Hangouts are an ideal platform for hosting virtual meetings or connecting with your clients or colleagues from either your computer or your mobile device (Android, iPhone) when a face to face meeting isn't possible. Google+ Hangouts are a great way for agents to remotely connect to their clients, and even show homes to clients when they are unable to see it in person.

Google+ Hangouts are a completely free way for its users to remotely connect and share, whether it's for group presentations or any type of online group meeting. Users can automatically record video sessions and upload them to YouTube or save for later use-you can even stream your Hangout session live from your website, YouTube channel or your Google+ account. Setting it up is quick and easy.

In addition to hosting virtual meetings and facilitating a face-to-face connection between you and your clients, Hangouts hosts an entire network of powerful tools you can seamlessly use to enhance the way you do business. Your experience with Hangouts can get even better with the extra features such as screen sharing and Google Drive integration.

Screen Sharing

Google+ Hangouts with Extras allows users to share their desktop so remote users can see everything the other person is doing. Share your entire screen or just a window-either way it's a great presentation tool that allows you to share your computer screen so everyone in the Hangout session can see what's going on.

Google Drive And Google+ Hangouts

Google Drive in and of itself is an excellent and convenient way to share and edit documents with your colleagues and clients in a web based platform that allows automatic saving and edits from any location that has an internet connection. Hangouts adds a video component to Drive that is far superior to the simple text-based chat you may have been used to working with in the past. Add a live discussion as you create and share new documents and watch your team's productivity shoot through the roof. You'll love being able to edit contracts while you're out showing homes-even if your client can't physically join you.

Google+ Hangouts On Air is another cool application that allows you to broadcast your Hangout “on the air” so you can stream live from your Google+ account, YouTube channel, and your website. Hangouts aren't just ideal for your business, but it's also an awesome way to connect to some of your favorite celebrities or watch high ranking officials as they host a Q&A session or host a live debate.


How Does Google+ Work?

Google+ Hangouts are incredibly easy to install on your computer. All you need to have in order to use Google+ Hangouts is a Google+ profile which is included with your free gmail account. If you haven't activated your Google+ account look at these instructions to activate your account. It only takes seconds to download, and once it does you're taken directly to your Hangouts screen. This is all the advance preparation you need as long as you have the basic system requirements. Most computer systems can access Hangouts without any hurdles.

Google+ now has over 500 million members, and it looks like it's here to stay. Much considered the professional alternative to Facebook, Google+ and its applications work phenomenally for businesses in a multitude of ways. Google+ and Google+ Hangouts are one of the easiest ways to engage and work with your clients and team members in a world that is increasingly demanding of everyone's time.


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